Birthday Tribute To My Sister Aisha Aliyu Umar Waru (Mrs. Computer Science). By: Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda.

Birthday Tribute To My Sister Aisha Aliyu Umar Waru (Mrs. Computer Science).

I have been so overwhelmed with school stuffs and work recently that I couldn’t find the time to pen down birthday wishes for my Angel sister..  so I thought it wise to pen a tribute to her in honour of her birthday though it is *Belated* since she was born on July 16, which was yesterday, a very special day indeed.

My dear sister, please permit me to use this carousal day of yhur birth to announce to the world how much I cherished our sisterhood and friendship. Indeed not everyone in the world has a sister, among those that do, not too many can say they have a really great sister. But I can, her name is Aisha Aliyu Umar Waru. (Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda, 2015).

I must confess, Aishah Aliyu aka Waru’s Girl is younger and prettier than *Wance da Wance* But Banda *Wance* though it’s *Just for security purpose sha.*..Heheh..
Even though she is younger than me, she have taught me so much. From her I have learned the true meanings of kindness and redemption. She made me learned that a person without a sister like her is just like a bird missing her wings. I still wonder how she manage my Joke, prank and expensive Tsokana.. I doubt if any one can..

She is firm about her convictions. She is fierce about her friendships and sisterhood. She is firm about her loyalty. She is firm about her relationship with her husband. All her family Dad, Mum, Aunt, Sister, Brothers, Niece and Nephews and anyone related to her; she understands the value of people; they are the most important things to her. Chances are, If you once had a close relationship with Aisha, you still do, and if you don’t, it’s probably because you are the one who left. She’s too firm to give up on anything.

So, my dear Angel Wing Sister, as you celebrate your birthday, pls, remember to always thank God for all the blessings and love He has put in your life. I pray that the blessings of God follow you all the days of your life. Today been your special day, and I want to wish you a very happy birthday. May God shower you with all His amazing blessings to make your everyday affairs successful. May good fortune accompany you everywhere you go and May you deliver twins Successfully and name them after me and her.
Happy birthday Once Again Sis.

~Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda



Moral decadence Amongst Youth of Sarkin Dawaki and Majidadi Wards, Jalingo LGA: Who is to Blame? ~Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

The moral decadence in our society has reached level that calls for concern. It is of no doubt that social vices have completely replaced core moral values in present times. This ravaging phenomenon is the cause of some of the major problems Sarkin Dawaki and Majidadi Wards, Jalingo LGA are facing. A society where the young ones and leaders of tomorrow no longer think of how tomorrow would be better than today or how to be instrumental to the development of his/her Society. But engage in all sorts of anti-social behavior, such as Stealing, Fighting With Dangerous Weapons, Terrorising and the worst part of is ‘Raping Young Girls.’

This societal menace is just too prevalent and has reduced the present youths to mediocrity. The Moral values that are found in our religion, culture and traditions are yet to be emble by youth.. They consider our indigenous culture and traditions as outdated and barbaric.

Now that the issue has reached an alarming rate and as it is the tradition in our dear people, whenever an issue arises, we point accusing fingers and play the blame game instead of brainstorming on how best to tackle the problem. Some blame the parents, some point accusing fingers at the media, while others believe it’s the youth who are responsible for their behavior or misbehavior. But the truth is; Whichever of them you think is responsible, you may be right and as well be wrong for the following reasons;

1. The Parents:
Parents are responsible for training their children and teaching them compassion,  respect as well as acceptable do’s and don’ts in line with societal values and religious dictates. As such, they become responsible for the action or inaction, behavior and attitudes of their children towards others from childhood to maturity. If a child behaves well, people conclude that the child is from a disciplined home and if they behave otherwise, people fault the parents for not properly training the child. You hear people complain “didn’t your parents teach you this?” or “didn’t your parents teach you that?” The unfortunate thing now is that, some parents abandon these responsibilities.

2. The Media:
The role of the media in society is to inform, educate, entertain and serve as the watch-dog of the society. But Unfortunately, it is no longer so. The entertainment industry for example through music videos, movies and some publications have successfully polluted the minds of the youth and promoted indecent dressing, Nudity is now directly proportional to your fame and acceptance, skimpy dresses are now tickets to ‘classy’ events, songs that have sexual talks in them sell faster than the meaningful ones, when your trousers is around your waist then you are seen as a “learner”, big girls are now identified by level of exposure of their private parts. Drinking alcohol and other  dangerous intoxicants, smoking, and jamborees  among others. Such youth model their lives in accordance with any of their favourite actors, actresses, musicians, models and the like. But they dress, talk, walk, and misbehave like their unworthy role models with the highest sense of justification and the worst of all dedicating their most productive stage of life to temporary fun. What a mistake.



3. The Youth:
Nowadays youth don’t pay heed to the advices of elders and have no respect for them. Some children are good liars and perfect pretenders. They act and behave like saints in the house and become demons the moment they step out of it. It is universally believed that once a child is 18 years of age, he or she can think and make decisions, discern between truth and false, right and wrong, good and bad and so on.
The time for blame game is over, and each and every one concerned should take up their responsibilities. Parents, no matter how busy you may be, find time to train your children to be the good children you want.

The media should be socially responsible to the society and promote morals and values found in our indigenous culture and traditions.

Whereas the youth need reorientation and these includes compassion, respect, tolerance and understanding.

Above all, it must be understood that training the youth is a collective responsibility of the members of the society. If you train only your children, my untrained children whom are friends and go to school, mosque or church, play and socialize together can spoil your trained children. By joining hands together we can achieve morally sound society that we can be proud to call home.
Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda, Students Taraba State University, Jalingo.
B.Sc. (HONS.) Mathematics

Simple Short Gracias Note To My Soul Mate; Raheema Ahmad Isah, By; Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda!

Dear Raheema Ahmed (Soul Mate).

As soon as I met you, I knew you that were something truly special. You were charming, kind, and charismatic, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to you. But, never in a million years would I have guessed that now, after all this time, you would mean so much to me.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t looking for you, I just found you. Out of funny circumstance and total coincidence, we became friends, and got to know each other’s personalities, fears, hopes, and dreams. Then, we blossomed into something beautiful, something that I never saw coming.

But as blind as I was, I’m extremely glad that you stumbled into my weird little life and that you became such a big part of it. There are so many wonderful things to thank you for that I don’t even know where to begin. Words will never do it justice.

Thank you for putting me in my place; because sometimes I actually might be acting a little too harsh about that one thing that I don’t like, even if I’ll never admit it. I always appreciate your honesty, even when it’s something that’s hard to hear.

Thank you for knowing how to handle me or at least for pretending like you know how to, and doing an excellent job of it. I know I’m not always the easiest person to deal with, but you settle me down and make me smile in a way that no one else can.

Thank you for always supporting me – You’re the best cheerleader/number one fan that I could ever ask for, and nothing is more reassuring than knowing that you’re right there to root for me in everything that I do.

Thank you for letting me have the last bite of today’s meal. It shows how selfless you truly are, and that’s an admirable and adorable. I try to protest, but secretly I love it, and it’s the sweetest thing in the world. Plus, who can say no to the last bite of chocolate cake, am I right?

Thank you for being silly- Some of my fondest memories with you involve weird faces, strange conversations, and pure craziness. We’ve even developed our own language of phrases and pet names. Yes, we may be weirdos, but I love that you never take things too seriously and you always know how to make me laugh.

Thank you for being serious- Despite our silliness, you know exactly when to put on the serious, caring, boyfriend pants and you have impeccable timing. You’ve been right by my side through some of the toughest experiences of my life, and you’ve never once faltered. I am incredibly grateful for your unconditional support and love, even in the face of difficulty.

Thank you for making me feel so happy and humbled- There are days that I just sit and look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. Sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, but you always reassure me that you’re the “reacher” in our relationship, even though I’ll never agree. I prefer to think that we deserve each other pretty equally.

The last but not the list, Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Indeed It’s easy to call you my Girlfriend. But, above all, I think you are much more than that. You’re my partner in crime, my confidant, and most importantly, my best friend.

Although I couldn’t see you coming, I am eternally grateful that you’re in my life today. Wherever the road takes us, I’m glad that I got to walk down that road with you, creating so many beautiful memories along the way.

Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

Birthday Tribute To My Colleague In Crime; Halimah Julde By; Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda


I will like to start by untangling the statement made above “Colleague in Crime” for the fear misinterpreted/Misapprehension  by the gullible wailers. when i said Colleague in Crime I mean; my colleague in crime of  terrorism X&Y in the Mathematical Science Department. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

So, I want to use this yhur carousal day of yhur birth to announce to the world how much I cherished our friendship. We have been friend since four years ago, and I feel like we have known each other forever. I first met you on my first day of college and you were sitting together with Aishah, Kuburah, Abbas and one shorty guy that I can’t remember his name. Among them all, it was only you that looked so quite, aesthic and innocent kind the girl. I walked toward yhu people and exchanged howdy with Aisha, Abbas, Kuburah before you.. then I proceed to department to continue with my registration process.

As I was coming out of the department, there yhu are again, moving majestically, holding yhur phone in right hand, with a lot of facial makeup that made yhu shine like a new Indian bride. I almost fall down while looking at yhu discretely. Am sure yhu caught me staring at ***.. Probably that was the reason of yhur discomfort and shivering.  It was there we made proper introduction and yhu told me, yhu were going home to pick yhur receipt.. I must confess, your discomforbility is the reason I couldn’t say; yhu look so beauriful. I just said ohk. Adawo laphia..

In those three years of college every day spent with you and our two other best friends (Aisha and Kuburah) was so special and memorable. Our whole class was so much friendly and caring, yhu guys are amazing. We all became like a family. The way we used to elucidate each other’s problem, rendering hands in explaining, differentiating, integrating simplifying and demo-graphing and being there for each other in heart breaking moments, cheering each other in the worst mood, especially messaging you every day to remind you about the homework/assignment, because I must confess, you forget a lot, endless gossiping, laughing so much that our stomach hurt and there are countless other things.

I want to tell you that you are purest girl, the beautiful one, so pretty and gorgeous from inside out. I love your smile and with your smile you make me smile too. Our connection goes way deeper than normal because we are not normal at all. Because of this deep connection we can share anything and everything with each other. I can forget the support yhu gave me in my trial moment, when I was infected with an Emotional Trauma Disease Called “Heart Breaking” and how yhu offered a Tip-Tap hand to lift me out; But am sorry for failing yhu atlast. Thanks once against and with that, I promise to continue supporting yhu as I have always supported you and have been there with you in every situation and I will continue to do so always even after college ended, I couldn’t stand to be without talking to you.

I indeed appreciate the love and care yhu have pomp me with, I love yhu much morethan yhu can thing of.. is just that we are actually the opposites of each other in so many ways. You love to sleep, you love eating, you are lazy, you are a quite person but once you are comfortable with someone then you show your true self, you like to think a lot when you are alone, you did not like reading at all but now when you actually read a book, you now love reading as well.

I like to sleep too but limited, i like eating too but limited, i am not lazy but extra energetic, reading is like breathing to me and now you get that too, i am not a quite person and i talk to everyone, i do love to think but in a totally different way, i love to write because this is how i express myself. The common thing in us is that we love to watch movies especially “Gossip Diary” lolx.

I am so thankful to God, to have you as my best friend forever. No matter how much i write for you, it will never be enough and there are no words to describe the depth of our friendship. We can only feel it, when we feel this depth of our friendship it leaves us with a peaceful feeling. This publicity story (Write-up) is specially for you and the world will be reading it. I want to give this message to all those people out there, that friendship is not materialistic; it’s a deep bond between people and a connection between souls. Its just about feeling this deep bond and be there for each other always. To some people this may seem like an exaggeration on social media but for me this is a tribute to my best friend, who means the world to me. This is my way of making her feel special because this is her day.

Hey best friend i hope you like this Write-up because all that i wrote came from my heart and soul. I hope all your dreams come true and you find all the happiness and also true inner happiness. I also  I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.

Once again a very happy birthday to you my Best friend, Soul sister and Colleague in Crime (Terrorising X&Y).. Keep smiling always and yes yhur gift is on it way, wish I will be there to hand it to yhu my self but things didn’t work out as I planned. Thanks

Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

GMD Technptronic Company Nig. Ltd

Phone No.: 08037154155


Birthday Tribute Part One! By: Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

My birthday tribute part one has to do with parturition.!

So I will like use this medium to thank God, for making me see another year; thanks for the gift of life; I’m eternally grateful for all the blessings that he has given me that makes me appreciate a good life, for the struggles he casted on me which made me stronger and helped me realised the ideas of life’s bitter, sweet, reality and most of all for the love which is supported by guidance and protection which he unconditionally gives through my ever beloved family and friends especially you.

I thank God for giving Me another Year to be Productive and Proactive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. It’s another year to dream, to live, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate, and to execute whatever left unexecuted in my Life. I pray that He always guide Me and help Me be better person every day in other to be more Focused in Life and be more Dedicated into the Struggle I am involved in,that’s finding X&Y, may He give me the will to find that missing variables to save the offcoming one’s from faving the same plight. Ameen.

And With much sincerity and happiness I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes and Blessings, from Friends and Family; Far and Near. My Heartfelt Gratitude goes to all who posted on my Facebook Wall, Messaged Me, Sent Me Mails, Pinged Me, Used My Pictures as Display Picture on whatsapp, BBM, Created a Whatsapp/BBM Broadcast , Personal Messages, Called or Text to Wish Me a Happy Birthday. I would have loved to give reply to each message, especially on Facebook personally, but many things have become a luxury when you are on a special day; my joy doubled when I saw your wishes on my wall. That is why I write this note instead.

Thanks to my departmental mates especially our humble President, Halimas, evelene, Lawrence, Queen and my Ex. Rival.. etc for the severe beating I was given and staining of my well-ironed white Shirt, it shows how accepted I am to you all, I cannot but thank you all. Thank You so much for making my Birthday even more Special with all Your Wonderful Wishes. It is very overwhelming and touching to know people remembered and took even a little time and effort to greet me. I’m appropriately flattered and edified at the number of good wishes that came my way via the various online services we now enjoy; I’m overwhelmed by the over pouring of love from around the World.

I will not forget to thanks those who turned their back, for you have helped in valuing more those who are with me, and aid new spaces for new good friends. I’m getting older and getting wiser as well; I have learnt a lot from many people fortunate to come across!

Thank You, One and all..!!!!!
Yours sincerely,
Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda
{The Birthday Boy}.

Of Corruption And The Jonathan Alibi, By Usama Dandare

Without mincing words, Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, corrupt in the sense that the country has the highest costs of corruption in the comity of other similarly corrupt-ridden nations: this is because in Nigeria, corruption doesn’t only exists as an act but widely accepted as a norm and a way of life. Studies have shown that the rate at which corruption has polluted the entire country is perhaps the basis for poor salaries and wages, dilapidated healthcare, lack of standard education, lack of job opportunities among young people, and unavailability of infrastructure. The effects of bribery in the education, water and healthcare sectors represent the implicit costs of corruption. Corruption ‘taxes’ basic services beyond the reach of the poor. Corruption results in the deviation of funds intended for development. It undermines government’s ability to provide basic services. It also undermines the rule of law, feeding inequality and injustice. This is perhaps the case with Nigeria, being the leading giant where stolen public funds are being transported out of Africa with pride.

In the last six years alone under the stewardship of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria witnessed a blazing period of monumental corruption and blatant rape on its commonwealth than ever in the history of man.There is no department, no ministry that can be said to be free of corruption under Jonathan, there was nowhere that fraud does not take place on a daily basis. Several multi-billion dollar scandals in the oil industry and the security sector highlighted the scale of corruption during the Jonathan presidency: these included the failure of the national oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), to remit $18.5 billion in oil revenues to the national treasury between January 2012 and July 2013; diversion by NNPC of at least $3.4 billion of the aforementioned funds to a non-existent kerosene subsidy scheme; and the loss of 84.8 million barrels of oil in 2013 at a cost of $6.7 billion through “bunkering” or organized theft by Niger Delta terrorists in collaboration with senior politicians and security officers (see Sanusi 2015; Wallis 2015), and the diversion of over $5billion arms procurement funds to mention just a few.

But today, all these are seemingly becoming history with a new sheriff in town. Since the taken over governance by the incorruptible Mohammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015, corruption in Nigeria has been swept away, the rule of law is now strengthened, and the old ways are over. It’s no more business as usual while corrupt public officials who squandered the nation’s wealth are now on self-exile in Ivory Coast, Europe and America in the name of one medical treatment or the other. Hardly a week goes by without the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) announcing a new addition added to the list of prominent figures already in the dock or under prosecution, but the more the cases are brought to courts the longer they are drag on, and the glaring it becomes that a potential setback could possibly prevent the anti-corruption regime of President Buhari from accomplishing it mission of a new Nigeria free from corruption and corrupt officials. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is having a field day arresting and dragging prominent figures to court with charges bordering on corruption but yet, not a single conviction has been secured so far. It’s glaring that a major setback is increasingly posing monumental obstacle for state prosecutors to secure convictions as corruption trials get under way…… it’s no other factor than the ‘Goodluck Jonathan Alibi’.

All the suspects currently under prosecution or investigation for involvement in siphoning the nation’s hard earned wealth are pointing to Jonathan direction for defence, almost all of them are insisting to have acted on orders given to them by former President Goodluck Jonathan:
The first notable arrest was that of former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki who is alleged to have supervised the laundering of $2.1billion arms procurement funds from Nigeria’s coffers, most of which was spent on “mobilizing” support for Jonathan’s re-election bid. Dasuki was arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS) on December 1, 2015 and handed over to the EFCC the following day. He was again re-arrested by the DSS on Tuesday, December 29, after being released on bail. Sambo Dasuki is currently standing trial for diverting weapons procurement cash through his office via bogus defence contracts, but has himself said he was only doing the bidding of the then-commander-in-chief — Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, and was only carrying out instructions from his president. Now Dasuki is on trial but the more his trial gather impetus, the more it’s becoming impossible to move on without a testimony from former President Goodluck Jonathan who allegedly instructed the sharing of the said arms procurement funds as Dasuki claimed.

Again, take for instance the case of Olisa Metuh, the spokesman for Jonathan’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who is also facing trial for money laundering charges. He is alleged to have received from Sambo Dasuki millions of dollars earmarked for buying weapons and equipment for troops fighting Boko Haram that were allegedly diverted to finance Jonathan re-election campaign. But Metuh says he was only acting on former President Jonathan orders and wasn’t aware where the money was sourced from, he therefore argued he should be acquitted because President Jonathan who instructed him on what to do with the said money has not been called to testify. Without Jonathan’s testimony, the state prosecutors, despite presenting several witnesses, wouldn’t be able to present enough evidence to convict Metuh. As things stands now, EFCC couldn’t validly prosecute Mr. Metuh for embezzling public funds without involving President Jonathan who ordered the embezzlement.

The case of Chief Tony Anenih, a former Chairman Board of Trustee of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is another case study, Anenih was alleged by the anti-graft agency to have received the sum of N260million from Col. Sambo Dasuki but Mr. Anenih dismissed any link to do with the former NSA, he claimed to have carried out an assignment for President Jonathan using his own personal money, after which the President requested for his account details into which the refund should be made and the said N260million were wired into his bank account by Sambo Dasuki. This clearly indicate that President Jonathan collected Mr. Anenih’s bank details, forwarded them to Dasuki and ordered him to pay the money in question into Anenih’s account.

Similarly, a former Principal Secretary to Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Hassan Tukur has also landed in deep shit after accepting to have participated in the looting of our commonwealth. Mr. Tukur at the headquarters of EFCC last Friday admitted to have received the sum of $40million from the office of the National Security Adviser after he dubiously boasted that he was in a position to negotiate the release of the abducted Chibok girls. However, the negotiation were botched from the very first minute by Mr.Tukur’s fraudulent moves and at the end, the $40million allegedly given to Mr. Tukur were diverted into private pockets. During intorregation, Tukur confessed that he gave $5million to President Idriss Déby of Chad Republic while the bulk of the negotiation funds ($35million) was shared between him and his boss, former President Goodluck Jonathan. Perhaps, Mr. Tukur cannot be convicted alone without inviting Jonathan to prove his innocence, otherwise, Kuje should be the next bus stop for both.

Another classical case of interest is that of Femi Fani-Kayode, the spokesperson of Goodluck Jonathan campaign committee, who is still undergoing interrogations in EFCC custody over corruption allegations. Mr. Kayode is being interrogated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for taken part in the illegal withdrawal of N2.5billion directly from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and disbursed to chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Goodluck Support Group (GSG), where Fani-Kayode himself was allocated about N840million from the funds which was used in blackmailing opposition politicians and dividing Nigerians along ethno-religious boundaries through some hate media channels. Mr. Kayode is now claiming that the N840million in question was given to him by former President Jonathan for a special assignment which he carried out and wasn’t aware of the sources where the funds were sourced out, insisting he only acted on Jonathan orders.

In a nutshell, there are several other influential figures currently in EFCC custody with many already undergoing prosecution. (Mrs) Nenadi Usman, the Finance Director of the Jonathan Presidential election campaign committee and alongside Jonathan’s Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs, Warimopei Dudafa, were also not left out in the blind search of our stolen wealth, both were arrested by EFCC in connection with the illegal withdrawal of N2.5billion directly from the Central Bank of Nigeria, via President Jonathan’s directives to the Central Bank Governor. Same is the case with Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, Jonathan’s Minister of Education who was last week detained by the anti-graft agency in Kano over allegations that he received N970million campaign money from Nenadi Usman. Additionally, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Attahiru Bafarawa and son, Mohammed Bello Halliru and son, and several others are all under trials before various courts over the same issue – Jonathan presidential campaign money.

Well, whatever the case may be, it’s a nice shot striking forward and a rare opportunity to witness a period in our nation’s history where the once untouchable mighty politicians are being arrested and prosecuted in a country where corruption was authoritatively established, guarded and celebrated. But the twist these trials are taken is absolutely injurious to the overall collective progress of Nigeria. All the aforementioned accused persons are unanimously claiming to be unaware that the money allegedly given to them for Jonathan presidential re-election campaign came from public purse, insisting to have thought the money came from private donations made to the campaign organisation. What a logical defence!
Meanwhile, things are not looking good on the side of the former President, as the circle of arrests is focusing one one central focal point; Goodluck Jonathan, yet, the EFCC seems to be deaf and incapacitated in trying to bring Jonathan to justice. Prompting Nigerians to ask: does the Buhari administration have the political strength to push through getting Jonathan to book?

I am afraid but if the federal government with all the artilleries at it disposal fails to bring Goodluck Jonathan to account , then almost all the accused could potentially walk free, thus dealing a serious blow to President Muhammadu Buhari’s agenda of rooting out the endemic corruption holding Nigeria to ransom. Many spectators are beginning to think that none of the accused currently on trial will end up securing a jail term if President Buhari chooses a diplomatic compromise in getting Goodluck Jonathan to account. No matter how someone try to exonerate Jonathan of any wrong doing, one cannot dispute the fact that he was the president and the chief authoriser to whom all financial presentations were tabled before approval for payments and as such, he is therefore a material and indispensable person in order for a prima facie case to be establish. Now that we have glaring evidences that the otuekean have indeed stained his hands with chocolate from our cookie jar: when will EFCC invite Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

Usama Dandare, a social commentator write from Sokoto. Contact him via or on twitter @osadaby.

# PMB365Days: Change, In Dire Need Of Speed! By MickeySunny

I find it increasingly difficult to write about the 1st year anniversary of President Buhari`s administration, not because I care less about what becomes of his administration, but I am suspicious of how much I have begun to rage against what he has and has not done. I see reactions in some people around me, this same feeling about him.
There are lots of articles – different groups and individuals with divergent opinions and impressions about his 1st year in office. Various polls have rated him on different areas, but fact is, his first year scorecard seems below expectation considering the hype in which the administration sold itself prior to its election.

The Buhari`s administration has come under pressure from various quarters- with support here and hostility there; some saying he has done really well while others complained bitterly about how terrible his administration is. Friends are torn apart in the debate; comrades are not left out, while critics joined with the hash tag #PMB365WastedDays. But make no mistakes; whether you are for Buharist or against him, whether you believe he has a good scorecard or a terrible one- one thing is common, this administration lacks speed.

There is no doubt that this administration still enjoys the goodwill of the people but should it continue at this speed, it would be exhausted before its second year anniversary. Without neglecting or underscoring the place of proper planning and preparation, I make bold to say that there is a level of sluggishness in this administration and the earlier it is addressed the better for us.

You see, we can go on and on blaming everyone and everything for the slow take off of this administration, but if this slow pace is not addressed, we`d be back here again on the second year of this administration apportioning blame and hanging our woes around the failure of past administrations and on the dwindling crude oil price.

Meanwhile, had the present administration added some kind of smartness and speed to its change mantra, it would have by now made an appreciable level of impact on the lives of the people.

There is a place of good intentions and good plans, but as a leader you don`t have to keep the people suffering for too long while results are yet achieved.
There is a reason why on “action plans” we have: short term, medium term and long term- just so that people start getting results on time! This administration does not have to keep the people waiting unnecessarily for so long when it can do well by activating its short term plans to cushion the effect which its long term plans may have on the masses.

The process of getting results could be tedious or simple depending on how cumbersome the process is. That is the very reason why speed and accuracy must be factored into processes in other to have a timely and prompt result.

Those that feel, one good year is too small to rate the performance of this administration or to begin achieving tangible results do so because they do not understand the importance of speed. “3 months was too small, 6 months was too small, 9 months was too small”, but one year can never be too small to clearly itemized what has been achieved by an administration that knows what it`s doing and that’s up to speed with it. The reason why the present administration is still giving its speeches like one running a manifesto is because this “Change” lacks speed!

Whose fault was it that the 2016 budget was padded severally? Whose fault was it that there was delaying in signing the 2016 budget? If these faults aren’t from the masses, who else should be blamed for the delay if not the presidency? You don`t put the people at the edge of an excruciating pain because of the failure of those in power and expect not to be blamed for it!

For instance, the Nigerian economy is currently being hit by the dwindling crude oil prices thus leading to a shortage of foreign exchange, a shrinking economy, and spiralling inflation. These have impacted on the standard of living and have impeded the ability of several state governments to pay the salaries of their workers.

However, the Federal Government through the Minister of Finance- Kemi Adeosun, announced its readiness to inject a total of N350 billion to rebound the dwindling economy of the nation in anticipation of the approval of the budget. This was as a result of the decisions taken at the end of a two-day retreat for governors of the 36 states of the federation and members of the National Economic Council (NEC) at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. Speaking on Sunrise, a Channels TV programme, she reemphasized and I quote: “As soon as the budget is signed, we are going to pump N350 billion into the economy in this quarter and we are going to do so every quarter until we stimulate growth. And we would see growth if we spend money on those things that would create jobs.”

This seems to be a good plan and should not have been delayed for any reason whatsoever considering how terrible the state of the economy is. While the ministry awaits the budget approval, all necessary logistics should have been put in place such that as soon as the budget was approved, the fund is immediately injected into the economy. But hell no, that was not what happened! Weeks after the budget was signed into the law, the fund is yet to be fully disbursed. There were reports suggesting that- while the Ministry of Finance is set to fulfil its own part of injecting the fund, some agencies of government, which are expected to act as channels of disbursement, are yet to put their acts together. As several of the disbursing agencies ought to have commenced certain work even before the budget was signed but they delayed in doing so.
We can`t continue to have a slow take off like this and expect a different result that is good enough for the country. Change can come with speed. Change is not magic- we all know that. But then, Change also does not necessarily mean “go slow”. We can both have change and speed. When we do, we would be talking of a different thing- rapid progress and development.

Leave aside the integrity, the trust and the honesty that may have been credited to this administration, if there is no speed, there would be no movement. We need a form of direction, we need speed. It has become a matter of urgency for the president to take off at the speed that will impact positively on the lives of the people. The further he delays the more dangerous it becomes.

There are no doubts that most of the challenges we face today are the results of years of misgovernance and corruption. But as the administration enters its second year, it needs to embark on several short and longer term measures with respect to speed to reverse the country’s dangerous slide.

Nigerians are suffering; telling them to keep bearing the pain while you are not being up to speed with easing them of the pain would be tantamount to carelessness.

Integrity, trust, good plans and policies backed with a coordinated speed, will in no time bring that change that we are dire need of.

God Bless Nigeria.
Ogundana Michael Rotimi is a Nigerian Biochemist, Socio-economic & Political Commentator, and Public Speaker. He tweets @MickeySunny