Birthday Tribute Part One! By: Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

My birthday tribute part one has to do with parturition.!

So I will like use this medium to thank God, for making me see another year; thanks for the gift of life; I’m eternally grateful for all the blessings that he has given me that makes me appreciate a good life, for the struggles he casted on me which made me stronger and helped me realised the ideas of life’s bitter, sweet, reality and most of all for the love which is supported by guidance and protection which he unconditionally gives through my ever beloved family and friends especially you.

I thank God for giving Me another Year to be Productive and Proactive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. It’s another year to dream, to live, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate, and to execute whatever left unexecuted in my Life. I pray that He always guide Me and help Me be better person every day in other to be more Focused in Life and be more Dedicated into the Struggle I am involved in,that’s finding X&Y, may He give me the will to find that missing variables to save the offcoming one’s from faving the same plight. Ameen.

And With much sincerity and happiness I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes and Blessings, from Friends and Family; Far and Near. My Heartfelt Gratitude goes to all who posted on my Facebook Wall, Messaged Me, Sent Me Mails, Pinged Me, Used My Pictures as Display Picture on whatsapp, BBM, Created a Whatsapp/BBM Broadcast , Personal Messages, Called or Text to Wish Me a Happy Birthday. I would have loved to give reply to each message, especially on Facebook personally, but many things have become a luxury when you are on a special day; my joy doubled when I saw your wishes on my wall. That is why I write this note instead.

Thanks to my departmental mates especially our humble President, Halimas, evelene, Lawrence, Queen and my Ex. Rival.. etc for the severe beating I was given and staining of my well-ironed white Shirt, it shows how accepted I am to you all, I cannot but thank you all. Thank You so much for making my Birthday even more Special with all Your Wonderful Wishes. It is very overwhelming and touching to know people remembered and took even a little time and effort to greet me. I’m appropriately flattered and edified at the number of good wishes that came my way via the various online services we now enjoy; I’m overwhelmed by the over pouring of love from around the World.

I will not forget to thanks those who turned their back, for you have helped in valuing more those who are with me, and aid new spaces for new good friends. I’m getting older and getting wiser as well; I have learnt a lot from many people fortunate to come across!

Thank You, One and all..!!!!!
Yours sincerely,
Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda
{The Birthday Boy}.


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