Danger of Broadcasting News Without verifying. ~Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda

There are some writers, especially on the Internet, who spread news without verifying it, which is confusing the ummah, making them despair, such as the claim that one of the Muslim cities has fallen, or that one of their leaders has been killed, and other reports which lead to despair and weakening of morale.
(Case Study: Shiate crisis with Nigerian Army). All of that is without any proof or certainty that the news is true. Some even write at the end of their articles, “This is what I have heard but I am not sure whether the report is true”

Advice to you and me:
O’ My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, remember verifying News is part of Islam, Allah says in a Holy Quran (interpretation of the meaning): 
“O you who believe! If a Faasiq (liar/evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done”
~Qur’an: 49:6

Usually a person hears truth and lies, especially on this so called social networks, so if he speaks of everything that he hears, he is lying by telling of things that did not happen, and lying by speaking of something other than the way it happened; and he does not have to do that deliberately (in order to be regarded as telling lies). 

Undoubtedly at times of tribulation there is a lot of propaganda and excitement, hence the role of rumours. it’s very Bad way to reach one’s objective, by saying, ‘they say…’. Saying ‘they say…’ is akin to conjecture, i.e., the worst habit of a man is to use the phrase ‘they say’ to serve his purposes, so he tells of something, merely repeating what others have said without verifying it, and thus he transmits lies.
Source: Hadith of Prophet PBUH 

History shows us the danger of rumours when they spread among the ummah. There follow some examples of that: 
1. When the Sahaabah migrated from Makkah to Ethiopia, they were safe, but then a rumour spread that the kuffaar of Quraysh in Makkah had become Muslims, so some of the Sahaabah left Ethiopia and travelled until they reached Makkah, where they found that the report was not true, and they met with persecution at the hands of Quraysh. All of that happened because of rumours. 
2. During the Battle of Uhud, when Mus’ab ibn ‘Umayr was killed, there was a rumour that it was the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who had been killed, so the army of Islam withdrew because of a rumour, and some of them fled to Madeenah and some stopped fighting.

The Best ways of dealing with News:
1. Deliberation; The one who deliberates may meet some of his needs whilst the one who is hasty may slip.
2. Verifying The News; What is meant by verifying is making the effort to find out the truth of the matter, so as to establish whether this can be proven or not.  Verifying means making certain of the truth of the report and its circumstances. 

NOTE: “The believer reserves judgement until the matter is proven.”

May Allah guide us, protect us and forgives all our shortcomings. May the Highest level of Jannah be our Final Abode. Ameen


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