How To Overcome Your Enemy Called Fear By: Barr. Precious Osikha.

Does the thought of talking in front of people make you squirm? I want you to know that you are not alone in this. Many people in the world suffer from this and i am going to help you out. Overcoming fear or timidity is not done overnight. It takes patience and courage. You need to understand the root of your fear. You need to know the exact thing that makes you squirm. Is it standing in front of people to sing or dance? Is it making a presentation or even sharing your opinions in front of peers?

That moment you find out, the next thing to do is accept your fears. Do not be confused here. All you need to do is accept the fact that you have fears and then gradually open up by pointing out those things you are afraid of.  The moment you do this, begin to conquer them. Set a limit for yourself over each fears. Build your confidence by telling yourself that others are not different from you. We are humans and we learn everyday. Talk to your close ones about this and follow each step they give you.  Begin to practice how to face people by talking often to the few people around you. Always visualise success and never compare yourself with others.  Identify your social values and strenghts by meeting people who share your passion and ideas. Try not to impress anyone and always learn to start up a conversation. Set goals for yourself and record your success. Always look approachable and make use of body language. Always shun that mind that says you can not do it. The best thing is to always tell yourself that you are the best no matter what anyone says to you. Look for the weaknesses of others and make it your advantage. Above all, prayer is the key to conquering your fears.

In my next article, i will teach you how to overcome stage fright for various social performance.

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