Life is a myth, its reality exist in understanding our limitation as humans and therefore seek for the eternal values that defines our true existence. Whenever a soul departs our plain, it is a reminder that we are just strangers on earth. Most often than not, what we do is to cry for the dead rather than cry for ourselves. The dead is gone the next will be you and I. Death is an inevitable end, it is an important event that must occur in our lives. Rather fear death, we should embrace it, because it is part of our humanity. It is a path we all must toe, it is the way of all men.

What we must do in this circumstance is to avail ourselves the opportunity of the lives that we live today to fulfil our purpose for being here. A deep introspective reflection on life and existence. Most often than not, people reduce their essence of being here to cheap or primitive acquisition and shameful struggle for acceptance, recognition and power. People end up valuing their lives by volume of material acquisition. They kill, loot, lie, manipulate, fornicate, join cult organizations, backstab friends, destroy their nation and do all manner of evils alike, in other to acquire material things or to get to power. Man keep seeking to satisfy his emptiness with material acquisition, occasioned by his lack of understanding of his purpose on earth.

Let us use the opportunity of this incident of stamped in Saudi Arabia to reflect on our lives. Let us remember that death is for the living, it is a call we must all answer one day and nobody knows when that day will be. Let us remember the vanity of life and learn to do good to all men; irrespective of tribe, colour, ethnicity and religion. We must learn to love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our might. And we must love our neighbours as ourselves. Remembering always that the way treat the next human being next to us is the way we treat God.

May the souls of the depart rest in peace and Allah give sabeer to their family. Amen!


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