Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda’s Love Trip To (Gusau) Zamfara By Aminah Aliyu

It was 9pm last Night, I received a call a from a brother, a friend and colleague in CRIME, in person of Abdoulrasheed Halilu, pleatering with me for a trip to Zamfara Gusau after Eid Fitr, (I have never dream of being there), I answered him ok sir, before I asked; “what are we going to do there”; that’s were he started narrating an amusing story of his love with a lady called Khadija Abubakar.

In the first place I thought he was just pulling my leg as usual, but my man sounded so serious by rebuking my moumours. So I requested him to Hold On for a seconds, cuz I was feeding my baby! So I lay him down and sang his favourite Lullaby for him, luckily he sleep.. so I pick back the call, he went on and narrated the “Must Craziest” Love Story I have ever heard.. believe me you will tag it same (crazy) when you heard it.

I laugh at him and wept for my self.. cuz I have to go, I probably wept for sitting in a car for over 20hrs journey in advance.. I Reaffirmed to him that “Insha Allahu zanje“… he Thanks me and requested me to give the phone to his Bobo, that’s my angel (son), but told him he is sleeping. said; I should wake him up mana, but said No I will not repeat that mistakes again.. Yea I once did that and regret it. So I end of the call with bye, wish you good night and continue laughing.. laughing for what we once argue with him on a Emotion (relationship).

My hubby came back and met me amusemating, asked what’s the good news, I narrated the whole story for him, I can still see him laughing and sadlating at the same time.. cuz he didn’t like me travelling, but at the same time, he knows it won’t be fair to stop me from going… So he picked up his phone and called Tapheeda , but he didn’t pick the call, probably he knows why he called him, that’s, may be I have told him about it.!

So after sallah insha Allah we will goto Zamfara, to pay a courtesy visit to khadija.. probably with his one love sister Zulai Tapheeda, I doubt if anyone among his sisters will accept to go except Zulai.. any way let me ask them one by one, that’s by puting my self in them or suclating their thought and mind in me (imagination). Let start with;
Me: ayahai na, zamfara, hofnugo parent khadija and khadija!
BATULU: to Abdulrasheed ginnado mi ginnado na.?
Me: Lol.. as expected!

Me: Adda ankan ayahai ai, tunda batulu yahata, one of you have to go?
Jamila: Allah yarumon jam, minkam mi mari komi wada. Hmm vurtu harka am be halado useni!

Me: Habiba kefa.. ahebai yahugo na?
Habiba: Hell NO, dikka hanko hai.. Zamfara No be Yola.!

Me: am sure Nenne kam yahai, but let me ask her too, Nenne ankan ayahai ai?
Zulai: Ahh zamuje, yaro ya girma ai.. Aminchi aure kawai, kodon kada ya lalace! Allah war na hogijo awaddita amin, kai koma moima, owarai otawa amin ha sare do.!

You see what I told you; it’ss only zulai that agreed to go with us, yeah us.. cuz I will also go, Not Zamfara even if it’s Birnin Kib I will go for him because I owe him alot. So I can count four (4) of us already, (I, him, Zulai,and Aliyu Balla) so we may need one more person, and that person have to come from here, so who can we go with…

let try asking a Sister here, whom I know him with, although I don’t know what really trangessing between them, I once doubt that they were in love but both the parties denied that, so all I know is they used to charge their phone together at ATM Machine.. Yea you heard me right, it’s charge not recharge, but how to do that I don’t know.. so you. can go ahead and ask them.

Sister Rashida Rashidah Sallama am inviting you for a “Love Trip” to zamfara, Will you?.. to know her reply, you should Check on a comment later. It can be Yes or No… So assuming it’s No then somebody among you readers has to be on the list, so who will go with us..? Preferable a lady. Before you ask me how much will you pay for the trip.. the trip is free and probably you will be given allowance too. That’s only if her reply was No. #ROYAL_TRIP

I just hope, wish and prayer that khadija has all the qualities and quantity of a wife he mention on his later to his future wife some years ago.. the these qualities, you can Read the letter here:

If NO.. Then Tabbas za’a samu damuwa! Thanks

NB: please forgive my error and ignorance of the writing matele, that if you are a writer. Thanks!


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