Fighting for booty or fighting to deliver? By Peregrino Brimah

I am tempted to ask, why are the All Progressives Congress members fighting all over the place? Backstabbing for Senate and House of Representatives leadership, throwing blows and rejecting to shake hands. Raising issues of “federal character” and what have you. Are these legislators desperate for these offices because they wish to deliver to Nigeria from the capacity of the positions, or are they fighting for personal ambition and self-aggrandisement? You chose the second, right? I did too. The APC won the last general elections and there are much spoils of war to be shared. And like gladiators of Rome, they are throwing blows for the bounty. Did I say bounty? Perhaps, booty is a better word. Booty means loot. The plundered commonwealth of the masses. Yes, we are still on about that N150bn. I used to respect some senators; in fact, I have defended the actions of some against all odds including controversial ones like Zamfara’s Ahmed Yerima. But in character, I despise Yerima more than anyone does. I have lost every ounce of respect for any Nigerian who has been a legislator in the past 16 years. There is no explanation for the N150bn ($1bn) being shared by 469 men/women in secret—they being conscious and too ashamed of their criminality to make public their books. None whatsoever. Even the Roman wicked were not so callous. While the nation wallowed in poverty, suffering and disgrace, these legislators and other benefactor executives swallow sums of money that can only be dreamt of with no moral justification for their earnings in work done. Sitting at that Senate three days a week if at all and barely passing bills. So, what are the APC senators squabbling for? Booty just as their Peoples Democratic Party predecessors enjoyed or are they trying to resolve Boko Haram terror and impeach any President if and when he fails to act and act responsibly? Are they fighting for advantageous positions to cut up that stupendous budget, or positions to help Nigeria hold to account their very parliament, the executive, the judiciary, the service chiefs, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the Central Bank of Nigeria, police and all other institutions of the nation? I bet none of these people toggling over these positions have for a minute thought about a plan for Nigeria’s millions of dying and suffering. Scrap the Senate, and of course, half of the representatives need to go along with them. They legalised corruption by simply setting their earnings in the billions formally, and turned running the nation into a personal business, using state money to officially pay for their politics and their sponsorship of political thugs and terrorists. I always ask, why do they have to steal for their children and children’s children? Are they expecting their offspring to be as hopeless and useless as they? Send your kids to school and teach them virtues and the value of hard work and you will not have to embarrass yourself stealing for them so. I assure these lawmakers fighting for whatever real reason it is that another fight is coming. We will fight this war against them at home and abroad. Nigeria is ready to fight for its survival and wage a thorough and final war against all enormous emoluments. We will make public office so unattractive and risky of harassment, disgrace and conviction, these legislators will opt not to serve. For the first time, we will see senators and reps resign from office.


Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda’s Love Trip To (Gusau) Zamfara By Aminah Aliyu

It was 9pm last Night, I received a call a from a brother, a friend and colleague in CRIME, in person of Abdoulrasheed Halilu, pleatering with me for a trip to Zamfara Gusau after Eid Fitr, (I have never dream of being there), I answered him ok sir, before I asked; “what are we going to do there”; that’s were he started narrating an amusing story of his love with a lady called Khadija Abubakar.

In the first place I thought he was just pulling my leg as usual, but my man sounded so serious by rebuking my moumours. So I requested him to Hold On for a seconds, cuz I was feeding my baby! So I lay him down and sang his favourite Lullaby for him, luckily he sleep.. so I pick back the call, he went on and narrated the “Must Craziest” Love Story I have ever heard.. believe me you will tag it same (crazy) when you heard it.

I laugh at him and wept for my self.. cuz I have to go, I probably wept for sitting in a car for over 20hrs journey in advance.. I Reaffirmed to him that “Insha Allahu zanje“… he Thanks me and requested me to give the phone to his Bobo, that’s my angel (son), but told him he is sleeping. said; I should wake him up mana, but said No I will not repeat that mistakes again.. Yea I once did that and regret it. So I end of the call with bye, wish you good night and continue laughing.. laughing for what we once argue with him on a Emotion (relationship).

My hubby came back and met me amusemating, asked what’s the good news, I narrated the whole story for him, I can still see him laughing and sadlating at the same time.. cuz he didn’t like me travelling, but at the same time, he knows it won’t be fair to stop me from going… So he picked up his phone and called Tapheeda , but he didn’t pick the call, probably he knows why he called him, that’s, may be I have told him about it.!

So after sallah insha Allah we will goto Zamfara, to pay a courtesy visit to khadija.. probably with his one love sister Zulai Tapheeda, I doubt if anyone among his sisters will accept to go except Zulai.. any way let me ask them one by one, that’s by puting my self in them or suclating their thought and mind in me (imagination). Let start with;
Me: ayahai na, zamfara, hofnugo parent khadija and khadija!
BATULU: to Abdulrasheed ginnado mi ginnado na.?
Me: Lol.. as expected!

Me: Adda ankan ayahai ai, tunda batulu yahata, one of you have to go?
Jamila: Allah yarumon jam, minkam mi mari komi wada. Hmm vurtu harka am be halado useni!

Me: Habiba kefa.. ahebai yahugo na?
Habiba: Hell NO, dikka hanko hai.. Zamfara No be Yola.!

Me: am sure Nenne kam yahai, but let me ask her too, Nenne ankan ayahai ai?
Zulai: Ahh zamuje, yaro ya girma ai.. Aminchi aure kawai, kodon kada ya lalace! Allah war na hogijo awaddita amin, kai koma moima, owarai otawa amin ha sare do.!

You see what I told you; it’ss only zulai that agreed to go with us, yeah us.. cuz I will also go, Not Zamfara even if it’s Birnin Kib I will go for him because I owe him alot. So I can count four (4) of us already, (I, him, Zulai,and Aliyu Balla) so we may need one more person, and that person have to come from here, so who can we go with…

let try asking a Sister here, whom I know him with, although I don’t know what really trangessing between them, I once doubt that they were in love but both the parties denied that, so all I know is they used to charge their phone together at ATM Machine.. Yea you heard me right, it’s charge not recharge, but how to do that I don’t know.. so you. can go ahead and ask them.

Sister Rashida Rashidah Sallama am inviting you for a “Love Trip” to zamfara, Will you?.. to know her reply, you should Check on a comment later. It can be Yes or No… So assuming it’s No then somebody among you readers has to be on the list, so who will go with us..? Preferable a lady. Before you ask me how much will you pay for the trip.. the trip is free and probably you will be given allowance too. That’s only if her reply was No. #ROYAL_TRIP

I just hope, wish and prayer that khadija has all the qualities and quantity of a wife he mention on his later to his future wife some years ago.. the these qualities, you can Read the letter here:

If NO.. Then Tabbas za’a samu damuwa! Thanks

NB: please forgive my error and ignorance of the writing matele, that if you are a writer. Thanks!

Codeine Abuse: Mis-Shaping The Future Of Nigerian Youths, By Usama Dandare.

Drug abuse can be define as an unwarranted patterned consumption of any natural or synthetic substance or drug in an unapproved quantity for performance enhancement and psychological effect for non-therapeutic, non-medical use by an individual with methods neither approved nor supervised by medical professionals.

When drug abuse becomes a necessity for maintaining psychological and emotional equilibrium, it is called Drug Addiction. Drugs corrode the basic structure of a whole society, by affecting a cultured human society in all aspects including destabilizing families, reducing human productivity, corrupting trustworthy governments and honest police, and demoraling law respecting citizens.

Globally, over 200 million people consume some form of illicit drugs raging from Cannabis, Opium to synthetic “designer” drugs like Ecstasy, Codeine, Lizard Dung, Office Pins, Barbiturate derivatives, Benzodiazepines like Alprazolam, Diazepam, Amphetamines, Phenethylamine and Tryptamine derivatives; different forms of drugs are available for inducing euphoria.

Sadly, Nigeria is ranked 4th on the global ranking of countries with the most widespread use of illegal substances according to 2014 United Nation World Drug Report. The report revealed that the North-West constitutes 37.47% of drug victims in Nigeria followed by the South-West with about 17.32%, the South-East came third with 13.5%, the North-Central has about 11.71% while the troubled North-East constituted the remaining 8.54% of drug users in the country.

Youths on the other hand occupy a delicate and sensitive position within the population structure of any society for several reasons. The Nigeria law for example recognizes that an individual below the age of seven is incapable of committing a crime and an individual between seven and twelve years should be able to know what he ought not to do that is if it can be proved he does not know and he also isn’t criminally responsible for his acts. Between the ages of twelve and seventeen, a person is regarded as a juvenile, and while he may be held responsible for his acts or omission he is treated specially under the law by the children and young persons Acts instead of the criminal procedure act. Youth is the period between child hood and Adult age, and that is exactly the age Drug Barons prefer to recruit for drug trafficking (age: 15-35years) most of whom are either unskilled, unschooled or student or the jobless.

The menace of drug abuse has now taken a formidable dimension whereby our youths indulged in a new modus of attaining a drug-induced stimulation ‘getting high’ and sorrowfully, the new dimension is nothing but that of “Codeine Phosphate” – a medication ment to cure cough and cold-related ailments but surprisingly, codeine has turned out to be a favourite euphoria to many.

Cough syrup, with or without codeine, is used for the treatment of coughing and related ailments. But in Nigeria today (specifically the northern region), cough syrup, particularly with codeine – which is to derived from Opium Poppy and is related to Morphine and Heroin – is being abused by youths, men, women and even the elderly.

Whenever the word “drug abuse” is mention anywhere in this world, the only substances that will come to light are narcotics like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other commonly abused substances but the last thing one would ever expect is for cough syrup “with codeine” ment for medication to be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned substances.

This ugly trend of abusing cough syrup was first introduced by American hip-hop rappers and penetrated it way through other nations especially African countries due to the way and manner in which we (Africans) tends to follow the lifestyle of black Americans. It was formally known as ‘sizzurp’ in America: a combination of cough syrup with preferably candy and/or any soft drink to attain a significant stage of glee.

This cough syrup contains codeine and promethazine and unfortunately, a lot of impressionable Nigerians have started taking the harmful mixture and is now growing dernier cri among young Nigerians and even the elderly were not spared in most cases, as codeine has become the fastest means of inducing frenzy. To make matters worst, codeine syrup isn’t only abuse by men but married and unmarried women as well as primary and secondary school children were not left out, top government officials including politicians and civil servants were also reported to be patronizing the harmful substance. Unknown to them, the dangers of overdosing codeine syrup far outweighs the short period euphoria it gives.

Codeine as an alkaloid analgesic drug and a derivative of opium is proved to have similar pharmacological effect as cocaine and heroin, though at a lesser degree because it is relatively less habit-forming. It falls under category of weak opioid, it was also discovered to be a veritable source of drug abuse by some exuberant youths and fun seekers who know about its morphine content.

The effect of codeine among Nigerian youths has been a subject of a morally bankrupt, moribund, debauched and wasted generation that must be reinvigorated and move as one in order to prevent the unwanted complete declination and loss of our societal values, norms and ideas. It’s on the nose to know the main einstein behind destroying the future of our talented youths and address it squarely because we can not just fold our arms and cowardly watch the menace of drug abuse condemning the future of our society, in which a vast number of youths ignorantly engaged in drug abuse for various reasons being them social, educational, financial, political and moral.

Codeine has become a favourite for many drug addicts because it is very easy to obtain either over the counter or through prescription at big and small medicine stores. The main reasons for using codeine include experiencing the euphoric effects associated with opiates, just as they averred that it is common practice for young people wishing to obtain a high to drink an overdose of cough syrup straight. In Kano and Jigawa states alone, more than three million bottles of codeine syrup are consumed on a daily basis. In fact, the high demand of codeine syrup in the country makes it too expensive and scarce just as it rocketed from a price of less than N200 to between N800-N1000 depending on the product. Users often mix it with water or soft drink of their choices before drinking while others take it raw and instead of taking just a table spoon as medical experts recommended, the abusers take several bottles daily and down two to three bottles straightaway.

“There are relatively few benefits associated to the use of codeine as a combination to other therapeutics” according to medical experts. Of course, one of its major problems is its addictive symptom, which is traceable to its morphine content”. Other effect of codeine, according to experts is euphoria, which is the feeling of excitement induced by the abuse of codeine-based preparation and can often lead to depression.

Investigations also shown that consumption of beer does not pose as serious threat to the community as the new intoxicant (codeine syrup) that have found acceptance across wide segments of society. And because the sale of beer is more common, it is easier to regulate unlike codeine and other widely abused substances. High dose of codeine, as claimed by users, makes them higher than that of beer or marijuana.

There are several factors that contribute to the abuse of cough syrup  among Nigerian youths: peer group, parental background (broken home), emotional stress to mention just a few.
Firstly, a peer group is a form of societal influence on affected youths. For example, a friend can be greatly influenced to be a drug addict if allowed to interact with drug addicts, young and old. He can be tempted on one fateful day to join the bad wagon of his friends, thereby gradually ruining his career in life.

Secondly, the parental background of a child can also result to over dependence of drugs among the affected youths. Due to various family problems like broken homes (divorces) polygamous family, abject poverty, cultural influence, parental neglect, lack of parental affection and responsibility; a father that is a drug addict may greatly influence any of his children likewise an addicted Mother. There have been reports of cases where young children pickup the habit of abusing codeine syrup from their addicted mothers, several reports also stated that women do mix various concoctions of cough syrups with codeine during ceremonies and share it among themselves and when drunk on these concoctions, they find  it easier to engage in anti social behavior without any shyness.

Thirdly, naturally some group of teenagers are emotionally stressed but instead for them to seek for a proper medical attention because a stitch in time saves many, they will result to self medications which is a conceptual relic of drug abuse, thereby using hard drugs for such corrections.

The various consequences of the codeine abuse in Nigeria or drug addictions in general are so devastating and very shameful to the extent that the whole world is focusing on Nigerians, among which are:- Social violence among youths, armed robbery, mental disorder, 419, syndrome, social miscreants (area boys and girls), lawlessness among youth, lack of respect for elders, rape and several other crimes.

Our governmental and private businesses are increasingly recognizing the negative consequences of codeine abuse on the Nigerian economy and the Nation’s workforce. Due to it high demand, codeine is costly for our society and if left untreated, it places a burden on our workplace, our healthcare system, and our communities. A number of reports and surveys highlight the detrimental effects codeine abuse has on business productivity and competitiveness as it also increases workplace injuries and absenteeism.

Codeine abuse has an immediate impact on the body and mind, it can also affect your future and your relationship with others. When codeine use becomes an important part of your life, your relationships suffer. You would behave more violently for the access of money for your need for drug. Conflict and breakdowns in communication would become a routine. Addiction to codeine would affect your ability to concentrate and focus at work, it side effects like hangover feeling can reduce the ability to focus and poor performance at work can make you lose your job.

Excessive intake of codeine syrup increases chances of being in dangerous situations and compromise the safety of self and others, under the influence of codeine, you drive roughly in excitement and as such you are compromising the safety of yourself and other road users.
Codeine addiction can become an expensive affair to the family due to it costly nature. In extreme situations, people addicted to codeine try anything from selling household goods to illegal activities like theft and robbery just to secure some money to get their next bottle. Codeine addicts also tend to behave violently for the need of money with family members, often ending up with crimes like murder.
Spending most of your money on codeine would make you poor and leave no money to cover the basic living expenses like rent, food, or utility bills.

There are also numerous health detriments associated with excessive use of codeine: in the human Brain and Spinal, codeine can cause mental and respiratory depression, stupor, delirium, somnolence, and dysphoria. An increased risk of falls and hip fractures has been associated with codeine therapy, particularly in the elderly. It also causes excessive sedation, drowsiness, fatigue, paradoxical excitation, and decreased motor coordination. Others include withdrawal symptoms after either abrupt cessation or fast tapering of narcotic analgesics like codeine, and have included agitation, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, tremor, abdominal cramps, blurred vision, vomiting and sweating. Codeine overdose can sometimes resulted into fever, altered consciousness, autonomic dysfunction, muscle rigidity, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome which is associated with a case fatality rate of about 20%.

In the heart and blood vessels, codeine overdose can cause: hypotension and dizziness, rarely observed tachycardia, bradycardia, and transient hypotension. Prolongation of the QT interval, heart block, and malignant arrhythmias have also been reported when in contact with other phenothiazines (medications used to treat serious mental and emotional disorders).

In the intestinal organs, excessive codeine intake causes: nausea, vomiting, and constipation. Severe constipation and ileus resulting in colonic perforation have been also reported. Higher percentage of codeine in human reproductive organs can also caused urinary retention.

Continuous consumption of Codeine can pose a serious defect to the hair, nails and skin of the affected individuals with some irritating rashes, and codeine-induced rash may be related to direct stimulation of histamine release.
Excess amount of codeine can also affect the kidney with acute renal failure (which may respond to naloxone therapy).

There are several other undesirable reactions resulting from codeine abuse such as rare rash, pruritus, hypertension, photosensitivity, and tachycardia to mention just a few. People with liver and renal disease are strongly advice to stay a thousand miles away from codeine abuse because in general, the adverse effects of codeine are more likely and more severe in people having liver and renal problems.

In order to check-mate the escalating crime wave linked with drug abuse and to curve the increasing menace of abusing cough syrup in Nigeria especially the northern region, the federal and states government needs a firefighter approach to drastically halt unauthorized sale and buying of the drug by placing tougher sanctions or if possible proscribe the production and distribution of cough syrups containing codeine nationwide unless for medical purposes. The government should also embarked on a publicity awareness campaign, using the local media, youth groups, student unions, traditional and religious leaders to fight the wildfire menace of codeine abuse in the country.

On our own part, there is a great need for us to collaborate and discourage the younger generations on the harmful effects of codeine, a collective collaboration with religious institutions, parents and teachers to check-mate the danger associated with this trend is of paramount importance in fighting the undesirable effects of cough syrup abuse. Manufacturers and dealers of codeine-based remedies should be made to face the full wrath of the law if found thwarting any of the rule and a new discouraging marketing strategy is also needed to convince users that the products are more dangerous than the non-codeine products.

The dangers in codeine syrup abuse are miasmatic that can annihilate our entire moral and ethnic values, it can further lamentably debris the future of any given society in a more pernicious scenario than other commonly abused drugs and can go to an extent of bamboozling the overall structural frame of reference of the affected society by mis-shaping the future of it youths. And unless careful and drastic measures are put in place, only then Nigeria will move in the right path and arrive at the desired focal-point in our development.

My Buhari Delivers Death To Cabals And Change To Nigeria By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

President Muhammad BuhariIt was a simple mathematical equation. I hedged my bets on it and Buhari has proven I won. Nigeria’s privatization was always a scam. They made it seem as if it was impossible for government to keep things working and to fix them when they spoil. The simple minded believed them. Petty economists argued and wrote epistles explaining how this was the colonial master’s capitalist Holy Grail. I argued that if indeed the government could not run anything, it must first privatize itself, as by their own submission, it lacked the capacity to ‘privatize,’ as a process run. I labelled it for what it really was- Cabalization, and waged my bet against them. The only way to prove I was right was for a Buhari to win. We kicked out Jonathan. He won. I won. What is Cabalization? I described it in detail in my article of February 8th, 2014: “Cabalization of PHCN Leads to Exorbitant Electricity Bills For Nigerians.” Here is how it works: 1. Allow the cabal to disrupt processes of repair and utility of public assets. 2. Make it appear impossible to run and maintain public assets. 3. Overhaul them at a stupendous price paid by tax payer/ national income. 4. Offer them for sale in a shoddy process to your cabal partners in whose companies you have stock. 5. Sell them at one tenth the amount you used to overhaul them – effectively looting billions in an instant. 6. Allow unregulated exorbitant rates for the utilities the now privatized assets provide. 7. Enforce an oligopoly for the utilities, barring natural competition. 8. Relax and enjoy your looted state wealth and reap crazy dividends in quarterly returns from your shares in the cabalized companies. Yes, today we know that our refineries can work. Four will be working by this July, God willing. They were never broken, just kept out of commission by workers of Lucifer. They kept them off simply to make fuel subsidy bread, to pave the path for cabalization and to raise the stock of Dangote’s refinery. The vultures. Their eyes were on these refineries. Obasanjo dashed them to them earlier, along with Transcorp Hilton and other things, but thankfully Yar’Adua seized them back for us. President Buhari is delivering the change we voted him into power for. In spite of his ineffective media team and his imperfections, like his failure to remove the innocent’s blood-soaked NSA and Security chiefs, he has defied the typical odds and shamed the Stockholm syndromed. Perhaps he will overturn many of the past privatizations as did late Yar’Adua before they poisoned him as alleged. I call the past Babangida’s PDP governments, jackals and the cabal, vultures. In a partnership of death. One thing is certain: the cabal will fight back! Oh yes they will. Therefore, I call on all Nigerians to fight on the side of posterity. To defend change. Our revolution that got rid of Babangida was hijacked again immediately by his adopted brother, Abdulsalami as they installed their ‘PDP’ party. We must never allow this revolution to be likewise hijacked. The hijack has already started in the senate. Actually it started before Buhari was even sworn in, with the bill amendments. This war against the 30-year strong and long Babangida and his PDP-sons who sold Nigeria to themselves, will not be possible or easy for Buhari by himself especially with that covetous National Assembly who did their best to put a man of the cabal at the head of the senate. Buhari cannot do it without us. Defend your revolution. Defend Change. Death to the cabal. Sai Buhari! Sai Baba! Sai Buhari! Sai Baba! Allah ya kiyaye, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah ya kiyaye. Dr. Peregrino Brimah.


PMB Week in The Life of President Of Kindom Airegin By Tapheeda

I love Nigerians with all my heart, they always put a smile on your face. Moments after President Muhammadu Buhari was inaugurated on May 29, his tenure was already being appraised on the social media! One witty chap said something like: “It is now 30 minutes since Buhari was sworn in and we still don’t have fuel or light!” If that does not make you laugh, nothing else will.. Nobody would expect power supply to stabilize in Buhari’s first one year, much less in the first 30 minutes!
The guy was obviously pulling the legs of Buhari’s supporters who had marketed him during the presidential campaign as the solution to all the problems bedeviling Nigeria.

Within hours of Buhari’s inauguration, I already knew where his biggest opposition would come from: that’s the social media, in just one week, the signals are emitting furiously. Former President Goodluck Jonathan got the raw taste of the social media venom. At some stage, he described himself as the most abused president in the world. I don’t know about that, but there is no president of Nigeria that will not face fierce criticism. People are in pains.

Preaching patience to them in the midst of debilitating fuel shortages, steady blackouts, mangled infrastructure, crippling corruption and high unemployment is never going to be a fluent homily.

Jonathan is different from Buhari, of course.. people did not turn on Jonathan until after several months, and some of these attacks were based on his missteps and pronouncements on duty. But, at least, he was given the benefit of the doubt for a while. He had a prolonged honeymoon that period when your little mistakes are overlooked and people even make excuses for you. It appears Buhari would not get that kind of favour. As soon as he assumed power, he came under intense scrutiny from certain sections. Except he doesn’t read the newspapers or get Twitter updates, he would know by now that he is in for a big fight. He has to brace up.

His wife, Aisha, was the first to come under fire. The fact that she had an “official” portrait despite the “office” of first lady not existing in the constitution was criticized. Indeed, Buhari had reportedly said something to the effect that there would be No office of first lady. While we were still at it, a storm started on Aisha’s wristwatch seen in the “official portrait”. Some critics said it is worth £34,000 (about N10.3 million). They questioned the legendary modesty of the Buhari’s wife, but there were also counter arguments that the wife is a successful entrepreneur and has an affluent background. However, to think that nobody ever looked at Patience Jonathan’s wristwatch..

The issue of Buhari’s asset declaration was soon trending. He had promised, or someone had promised on his behalf, that he would make his asset declaration public on assuming office. He has declared his assets quite all right, but he is yet to send photocopies to journalists, to Mack Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) Williams Evans (Twitter Founder) be sure, public declaration is not a legal requirement. It was President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who decided to make his own public in 2007. His vice-president, Jonathan, was against it but had to succumb to pressure after it was seen as an affront on his principal. Taking over the driving seat in 2011, Jonathan then refused to make his assets public again.

Asked on national TV why he did not make it public despite popular demand, Jonathan made THAT retort: “I don’t give a damn” It did him no favors. It is now Buhari’s turn. Some have tried to defend him over the delay, suggesting that the Code of Conduct Bureau needs to verify his declaration before he can make it public. In truth, this is not true, it is not stipulated anywhere. You simply fill the form and submit it to the CCB after your inauguration. The bureau then verifies and acts if need be. But making the assets public is entirely your decision. No time frame is defined by any law or regulation and there is no difference between one day and 100 days.

Another highlight of Buhari’s week is the trip to Niger and Chad. Someone commented that having condemned Jonathan for seeking help from these same countries in the fight against Boko Haram, Buhari has swiftly betrayed himself. I think there is some misunderstanding here. I don’t think Buhari said we should not co-operate with them. He said it was shameful for us to rely on them to bail us out. There is a bit of a difference between cooperation and dependency. Nevertheless, those who said Buhari crushed Chadian rebels and Maitatsine in 1983 and 1984 without foreign help were probably oblivious of the fact that terrorism is a different animal altogether.

Meanwhile, many people are worried that we still don’t have a national security adviser, Chief of staff, Secretary to the Government of the Federation and service chiefs by now. I am surprised at the delay too, especially as Buhari had two months to prepare for May 29. We should note, however, that nothing says a new president must change service chiefs. President Shehu Shagari inherited Yisa Doko (air force) and Ayinde Adelanwa (navy) in 1979. Yar’Adua did not change service chiefs until well after a year in office. Buhari can, therefore, change them at any time. But there should be an NSA, SGF and chief of staff by now, in my opinion.

The appointment of two spokesmen is yet another highlight of Buhari’s week. This is the first time a president would have a special adviser (SA) and a senior special assistant (SSA) both on media and publicity. Under President Olusegun Obasanjo, we had Dr. Doyin Okupe, Mr. Tunji Oseni and Mrs Remi Oyo as SSAs on media and publicity in that order. The first SA on communications (later rebranded media and publicity) was Deacon Olusegun Adeniyi who had a cabinet status under Yar’Adua a first for a presidential spokesman. On his part Jonathan first had Olorogun Ima Niboro and later Dr. Reuben Abati as SA media and publicity.

Some have tried to defend Buhari’s choices, arguing that one will relate with the media and the other with the general public. I think there is some confusion here. Public affairs is not media and publicity. In 1999, Obasanjo created the position of SSA on national orientation and public affairs, which was occupied by Chief Onyema Ugochukwu. But it was later shortened to public affairs when Obasanjo needed a political talking head. In came Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and Mallam Uba Sani in that order. Yar’Adua did not have SSA public affairs. Jonathan did not appoint one until 2013. Having two senior persons in media and publicity is a strange compromise by Buhari.

Meanwhile, Buhari’s apparent refusal to show interest in the election of senate president and speaker is also under scrutiny. Many think it is a good development and bodes well for our democracy, but others think he may be digging his own grave. If his opponents install their own candidates, he could find himself boxed into a corner and find it difficult getting things done at the national assembly. Imagine the face-off between Obasanjo and the lawmakers in 2002 and 2003 which stalled a lot of bills. Whichever way Buhari goes, there will be consequences. If he shows interest, he is damned. If he doesn’t show interest, he is damned. So I stand with him not to and am happy he did that, love the way he. Handle the crisis; although it’s not over. I wish he will maintain his stand to the End.

At last am very happy that Buhari is under intense scrutiny. I am happier that he does not enjoy any honeymoon with some of the social media warriors. Although you can argue with the quality of debate on the internet, the fact remains that it is a reflection of the views and feelings of the predominantly youthful Nigerians. Some Twitter elite like me here believe it was our tweets that made Buhari president and he indeed acknowledged that support in his inaugural speech, so the president cannot afford to ignore this community if he does not want to get the Jonathan treatment. He needs to watch his steps because he is being closely watched.

And now, we eagerly await Buhari’s second week in power..