Jonathan’s government is well known for its series of lies and cover-ups. Throughout his administration, Jonathan is either caught pants down trying to cover up illegal arms deal in foreign countries, firing people to contain the stink of his massive loots, or blowing up people in a helicopter to protect his unholy secrets. It is so bad that I think if Jonathan’s administration was a TV show, its best title must have been “Lies and Deception”.

In the past weeks alone, two things have happened, both of which should have earned Jonathan an impeachment notice if we had a national assembly (please don’t start me on those pot-bellied money mongers called Legislathieves).

First, for lying against a foreign leader (King of Morocco), Jonathan’s administration has dragged the corporate name of our country in the mud a lot deeper than most of us can even imagine. It will take several years to mend the diplomatic rift that has been caused. But, we’ve got to give it to Jonathan this time – he lied and he admitted it, albeit when it was too late.

Second, again, happening in the past days, the South African authorities have claimed that our country, the so-called “Giant of Africa” is using mercenaries to fight ragtag insurgents. Having been lied to at several occasions by Jonathan and his cohort, I’m inclined to disregard any excuses peddled by them, and believe South Africa’s version of the story. After all, South Africa was right about the illegal arms deal involving one religious bigot close to Jonathan.

The questions we should be asking are endless. Since Nigeria has over 200,000 soldiers on its payroll, why do we need mercenaries to fight our battles with an insignificant insurgent of at most 10,000 fighters? We all know that mercenaries don’t come cheap, why can’t Jonathan use the money he uses to pay them to equip and motivate our own soldiers to do their jobs? What happens if (God forbid) our country is directly attacked by another country with an organized army? Can we survive that under Jonathan? Should we continue to rely on poorer neighboring countries to fight our battles when they have their own problems to contend with?

These questions are seemingly never-ending. In fact, rather than find answers, the more one analyzes the situation, the more crucial questions come up that demand urgent answers! Since responsible answers only come from a responsible government, there is very little hope of finding good answers to these questions. At least, not at the moment.

However, all hope is not lost. You and I can change all these. We can stop the show of lies, deception and cover-ups. How? March 28 has finally com, which today. Let’s ngo out massively to #Vote4Change; let’s go for a government that we all can be proud of and rely on.

I’ll miss the show of lies and deception, but this is one of those rare occasions when missing out on something is a positive thing.

God bless Nigeria!

Abdoulrasheed Tapheeda, GMD Technotronic Com. Nig. Ltd
Tweet: @atapheeda



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