Assuming the entire Tarabians conceded to the request of the Southern Taraba People of getting the gubernatorial slot move to their zone this time around, what would be our fate?

If the almost dozen contestants from the zone, including their celebrated retired military men and their Revered clergies and Traditional Rulers could not come together to agree not to disagree and find a lasting peace in Wukari, then mortgaging our state (Taraba) that is known to be relatively peaceful into their own hands is not only dangerous but suicidal.

The truth which indegenes of Wukari and indeed the entire Southern Taraba people need to know is that no clan, district, nation or even continent developed without the help of outsiders. At this period when the entire world is growing fast into becoming one global village, it is funny to still find one remote location such as wukari still wanting to remain in its own shell. I am at times left with the believe that the Southern Taraba People are not serious and truly not ready to have power shift to their domain. When you cannot have peace within yourselves, how then do you expect the trust of others?

A classical example which the Kwararafa people need to study is the Northern Taraba people. While there are virtually less than 7 tribal settings in their zone, Taraba Northern zone has close to 120 different tribes and dialects. When the Southern Zone has the prominence of the three (Christianity, Islam and Traditional) religions, the northern zone has only Islam and Christianity as religions.

The complexity in the northern zone outweigh that out the Southern zone since the south has Traditional religion to stabilise embers of religious crises. But the north has been at peace and harmony while the south (the self acclaimed “warriors”) are at each others throats at any given opportunity.

No society no matter how rich they are develop in an atmosphere of war. The numerous crises in wukari and environs will not benefit anyone as I am convinced beyond doubts that each of the warring parties is counting its loses (since no one gained) at the moment.

The most unfortunate truth is that this crises is avoidable. By this I mean this last one! It was to the seeing of all when Tivs engaged Fulani’s. Whether you agree with me or not, one fact remain certain that I can never carry along with me livestock of the magnitude with the nomadic fulanis and still goes out of my way to look for the trouble of Tivs. In one way or the other, some of us supported the crises and made one party in the crises our allies . The rest is history today!

The earlier the entire Wukari elders, Clergies, Retired Generals and other rank and files, Traditional Rulers, Academicians and all other natives see beyond their view, the better for all.


AßdøυℓгAshƐƐd H. TAÞhƐƐdA is a MD of TƐ¢hnøtгøni¢ ¢ømÞAnŶ Nig. ℓtd.

Twitter Handle: @atapheeda
Facebook: Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda


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