The Nyanya Tragedy, A Clear Indication of All Man by Himself By Odusote Oluwakayode

I was prepared to discuss on “Women empowerment and the Empowered Women” when the sudden news of a blast that killed scores of people filtered in. This recent blast occurred at the Nyanya area, very close to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on the 14th of April, 2014.

The blood suckers claimed the lives of over 100 struggling Nigerians who were on a journey to their respective places of work just to survive a life amidst harsh economic situation in the country. This attack is coming barely a month to the alleged jail break by some inmates at the Directorate of State Security Service headquarters in Abuja. This news of blast, shootings and deaths seem not to come on a nation by surprise anymore, what perhaps comes by surprise is the targets of the wicked blasts.

The incessant upsurge of violence by insurgents’ movement is a colossal event that can be averted by a versatile government. If care is not taken to tackle the security challenge headlong, the activities of the insurgents may rise like a mighty storm, like a hurricane, a force so swift and violent that no power, however great, will be able to hold it back quickly. They have progressed and always being ahead of the government in their deadly but strategic strikes.

The high tide of lack of social transformation in the country, such that gave birth to groups like the Boko Haram, is gradually reaching a crescendo that insurgent’s activities may soon sweep over the whole country. These terrorist have a potentially inexhaustible enthusiasm for killing and maiming. They are blind and all is dark ahead of them. They go so far as to proclaim the right of their wrong acts.

A government that simply follows the routine of underestimating the insurgent’s enthusiasm for violence should be tapped to wake up from their deliberate slumber. The extension of a dialogue, state of emergency and said military assault against insurgency has only contributed to their systematic design of more deadly attacks. It seems the time something new appears from taming them by the government, they derive other means of carrying out attacks. This is their pattern of action in regard to terrorism.

Over the years, insurgents have carried on destructive activities and the people most affected are the poor masses sweating to make out stipend from labour that receive few or no support from government. We have always maintained that governance must rely on the people, on all Nigerians in the project of building a nation, and not relying merely on a few persons called VIPs or powerful persons issuing political, economic and social orders.

Restricting governance to the few brings about the endemic challenges being faced currently and unfortunately, the families of the few or the few themselves are not the ones being affected directly.

Problems will emanate when the people being led do not have a testimony of good governance, it will arise when whatever is done by government is never explained to the people they lead and that they do not understand why or how to give play to the initiative and creative energy of those they lead. That, being the usual case, how can everyone be expected to get involved in building and how can anything be done well?

Fifty four years of sweet and bitter experience is evident to tell us that the right decisions, policies and style of government invariably conform to the needs of the people at a given time and the wrong decisions, policies and style of government invariably disagree with the demands of the people.

The reason such evils as kidnapping, terrorism, robbery, rape and sectarianism persist is because of the inefficiency and sometimes the I don’t care attitude of government which is definitely harmful to the sustainance of good governance while the leaders that alienate themselves from the governed allow their mentalities to suffer from such maladies.

To link government with the people, one must act in accordance with the needs and wishes of the people. All work done must start from identifying their needs and not from the desire of any individual or group of individuals however well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, in our recent political life, it happens objectively that the governed themselves need a certain change of attitude towards governance because they are not yet conscious of the need, not yet willing or determined to make the change for a government that will be of the people’s choice.

How long will these killings last? Should we wait patiently till the powers that be exhaust their thirst for blood and revenge? Our government is expected to mobilize the people and to see that no Nigerian at any point in time is divorced from the dividends of good governance and democracy.

Irrespective of agitations, every Nigerian must be taught to love each other and the leader must be ready to listen attentively to the voice of the governed; to identify with them at all levels and, instead of standing arrogantly above them as lords, to immerse himself among them and understand them. Leading to perform against the tenets of democracy, the constitution and the will of the people will only be tantamount to a massive failure.

With this latest bomb explosion, the government must not assume that the insurgents have no understanding of what they themselves do not yet understand. It often happens that they outsmart government and are eager to advance a step further in causing havoc.

The people should not be deceived that all is well; that government is in control and that measure will be put in place to curb further occurrence. It is not enough for a leader to think he alone understand the nation’s problems. Such premonition is one of the basic reasons some of our leaders fail.

All hands are expected to be on deck by making the government an all-inclusive one instead of going round the country for regional political campaigns; efforts at performing well should be synthesized with experiences gathered into better, articulated principles and methods for reasonable solutions to challenges and problems we are faced with.

Close attention should be paid to these happenings because this may not be the last. Tensions may rise and if care is not taken an escalation of frustrations.

The lives lost are painful but the remedy from a government is doubtful – all man to himself.

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda MD Technotronic Company Nig. Ltd.
Twitter: @Atapheeda
Facebook: Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda


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