If we never meet again…

“Live everyday as though it is your last day”.
These are words we have heard quite a number of times, but perhaps have not given much thought to.

Today, for a moment I tried to visualise all the people in my life. My family, friends, Neighbours, classmates from all the stages of my education, even the random people one meets once in a while at the events of life. Not one from all these people mentioned met me by chance or is a part of my life by mere coincidence. Rather, it was from the design and plan of Allah in His immense wisdom, and He placed them all there for a reason.

As I imagined and tried to remember all these people, the questions that came to my mind were “was I good enough to them?” “did I in any way make an impact in their lives?”. Some of these people, I wondered if I would ever meet again. Some I knew with surety that I would not, because they have passed on (may Allah have mercy on their souls). And others, “in sha Allaah” I said to myself, we would probably meet again soon :). The whole point of this is, sometimes we forget very quickly, that the events of this life are passing ones. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing at all. Not the people, nor situations. Everything comes to pass. So we meet people every day, and for some, that may be the last day we would ever see them. Others might have a few months, a few years, but in the end, the parting time surely comes.

When we relate this to the advice I mentioned earlier, we can see that this also means “treat everyone you meet, as though it is the last time you will see them”. No matter how long we live with people, no matter how long their stay, a day will come when they will have to go. subhanAllaah.

So what is the implication of this? It makes it easier for us to patient. In fact, it makes us want to be patient because we would want to maximize the “good” and this could mean totally forgetting or ignoring the “bad”. Leaving a lasting good impression. Forgiving, tolerating, helping, cheering, and the list goes on.

A typical example would be our high school or university friends. For most of us, we would give anything to have one more hour with them. And what would we do with that one hour? We would maximize it, tell each other how much we care and have missed one another. We would make the most of it. we would overlook each other’s faults and focus on the good things…but do we get to have this one hour? Hardly ever, because our time is gone. But how about the ones with whom we are still together?

When we look back in the past, wishing there are things we could mend, we make the mistake of not mending what is right in front of us. It soon becomes another past we regret. For any time we think about people we could have been nicer to, people we could have tolerated more, but cannot anymore because it is too late, let us look to those we still have. Let us imagine that someday, we would look back and they would be there…in what would then be called “the past”.

That someday, we would wish we had been more patient with them, we would wish we had forgiven them or had rendered that assistance to them but would not be able to anymore, because their phase in our lives have ended. It could be a colleague at work, a neighbour, a friend, anyone. No one remains in our lives forever. Just as we don’t remain in the lives of others forever.

This goes to say, a little extra patience would not hurt. A little extra kindness, a little extra care; these things would turn out to be what you would look back to and smile in satisfaction. “Alhamdulillah, I did the best I could for her/him. Alhamdulillah, I did not miss a chance to make him/her smile” Alhamdulillah. No matter how difficult, unbearable, intolerable a person may be. You would be glad you were more patient in the end, because it pays.

No matter how much a person has hurt you, oppressed you, and cheated you; You would be glad and thankful you overlooked and still did them good, because it pays.

No matter how much a person has wronged you and offended you; you would be glad you had forgiven and still treated them with kindness. Because your conscience would be clear.

Just when you are about to blow off, just when you are about to give up on a person, or you are feeling too let down; remember, “this too shall pass” and be more patient.
It’s better to be hurt than to hurt someone
It’s better to be cheated than to cheat someone It’s better to be betrayed than to betray someone. But if you can avoid these two altogether, then it is surely best 🙂 Strive to leave a lasting impact on the people you meet. Strive to be patient, kind and loving. Be the best of who you are and let not the people bring you down. Focus on the good and ignore the bad. And always make dua for the people around you.

Good is what lies within you. Good is what you represent. Good is what you stand for and by Goodness you have been sent. Settle for no less than Good.


Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda MD Technotronic Company Nig. Ltd.
Twitter: @Atapheeda
Facebook: Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda
Email: Atapheeda@gmail.com


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