Revolution is the solution some people claim

But no revolution in the world has ever given the activists the gain

Maybe the next generation, if at all it wont be the same

My hopes loom as I think deep in pain

What in us that is so wrong and who is to blame

Our education is a shame

Our health system is next to a grave with the patient`s name

Welfare is nowhere in the system

Entirely the whole nation in vane

Thoughtfully it can’t be processed by who is sane

Wishful thinking I imagine evolution

But what can evolve from minds full of tribes

Full of bribes and grudges

Faults by our ancestors far back a century is still on everyone`s name

Closer look shows the leaders are not the entire problem

Though it is their responsibilities to which direction we take

But it is the whole nation`s mistake

Some say the solution is to break

But how do we break

When a brother sees his step brother`s success as what puts his own at stake

When countries across oceans from us get more recognition

Than our neighboring domestic state

As worshipers are less concerned of what their religion teaches

But more violently concerned about who brought the messages

When the messages are almost the same (life hereafter decides)

So does revolution really washes the pain?

Or gives what really we hope to gain?

I think it does if what we revolt is our current ways

And not giving others blames

Nigeria let us revolt ourselves.


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