They Are Martyrs By Mu’az Zulkarnain Al Jalingowy.

In the name of Allaah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.!

Yesterday we received with great sadness and shock the news of the assassination of one of our scholars, in person of Sheikh Muhammad Awwal also known as Sheikh Albani Zaria along with his wife and son. May their soul rest in perfect peace. May Allaah (SWT) grant them jannatul firdaus and accept them as martyrs in His cause!

This is not the first time we, The Ahlus-sunnah Wal Jama’a of Nigeria were afflicted with this kind of catastrophes. It should be recalled that Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was also murdered in cold blood by gunmen whose identities remain till date a puzzle. Those who carried out this horrendous acts are by now probably celebrating their success in eliminating who they deemed a threat to their evil ways. Killing Scholars of Sunnah is not and will never be the death of Sunnah, in the same way killing of muslims is not going to put islam to extinction.

The Question “Who”?

When Mallam Ja’afar was murdered and the news went viral, I was a little bit perplexed. In the radio, magazines (especially Hausa Magazines), news papers and TV channels the news of his death dominated the headlines and to my very surprise I never even heard of him. I kept on asking my inner self who is this man? A prominent scholar? And I don’t know him? he lives in Kano, one the strategic town in northern Nigeria. Then, I only knew the likes of Kalarawi not because of their exegeses of the qur’an but their ability to crack jokes and mock prominent people. Since then I was stricken by a giant impulse to know this saintly man. None of people’s explanations was able to satisfy me. I came to know of his prominence and greatness through his tapes. He was formidably excellent in tafsir due to his vast knowledge of Arabic grammar. In terms of hadith he’s not left behind. Many people came to know him after his death and his death has advertised sunnah teachings beyond one’s imagination. In fact, people listen to him (his tapes) when he’s death far better than when he was alive. They kill his body but his spirit lives on!

The Question “Why”?

After knowing who Sheikh Ja’afar was, I now left with one more important question. It is the question of why did they kill him? Before then I was able to know that he has received several death threats from various sects and politicians. Those embedded in innovations in the matters of deen wanted to eliminate him because he exposes them and they cannot confront him with evidences from the shari’ah. The politicians want to eliminate him because he has gathered a crowd and any decision of his against theirs means the end of their political carrier. Thus, he is a threat that should be dealt with without much-a-do. Either way, his assassination has something to do with his aqeeda (sunnah). As such whenever people ask why he was killed, the part of the answer is because he preaches sunnah. Anti-islam and anti-sunnah forces think that by killing the Scholars of Sunnah, they can demoralised the upcoming hermits of sunnah and at the same time bring it to halt. Nay! Never! Islam will triumph over shirk and pure islam will triumph over false islam! The more people ask, the more they are introduced to the sunnah of Rasool (pbuh).

History Is going To Repeat itself!

Sheikh Albani Zaria has followed Sheikh Ja’afar Adam’s suit. He has become one of the martyrs of islam. As I mentioned earlier on few people including myself were aware of Sheikh Ja’afar before his death. This is not peculiar to him. This morning I came across a group of cleaners in my school remarking on the incidence of Sheikh Albani’s murder. I overheard some of them asking who Sheikh Albani is. Therefore, those who knew him among them could not waste time in interjecting at the same time “babban Malami ne fa!” Meaning; he is a prominent scholar). Just wait and see, in a couple of months Sheikh Albani’s tapes will flood the market and this time around the normal demand law cannot be used the explain the behaviour of the buyers. For everybody will not hesitate to grab a copy irrespective of their financial status. Then, the sunnah will penetrate the people and automatically remove the wool from their eyes. Sheikh Albani is also gone but his spirit lives on!

A Letter To The young Ahli-sunnah

My dear brethren of Sunnah, the followers of true islamic teachings which are free from adulteration and modification. As I write this letter to you, my heart is filled with avalanche of hysteria. Nevertheless, I am able scribble my heart down. I want to urge you to wake up and face the reality. You are the backbones of our dear society. But how can you have a sturdy foundation when the ingredients required for the fortification of your foundation is not on ground?

The blood of your brethren is no better than a blood of a mosquito. It is shed on the daily basis around the globe but no one seems to give a damn about it. All in an effort to intimidate you. No one is safe. Rich and poor. Old and young. Male and female. In spite of this, I urged you to remain firm on the path of the truth. At this point a Hausa proverb came to my mind and reads as follows, “The stomach which harbours the truth cannot be penetrated by knife”. A famous quote credited to Sir Ahmadu Bello says, “The truth is the greatest weapon”. The two statements above are pragmatically true. Even the Devil I believed will not have the gut to deny their plausibility!

The scholars who remind you of your purpose in life were massacred before your eyes. It means the knowledge that you dearly need to be able to distinguish between light and darkness is dwindling and if you didn’t wake up and face the reality, you will not smell even a scintilla of it one day. Do you prefer spending time in the remote places abusing drugs and by so doing letting the evildoers maximise their chances?

You are able to know and comprehend the sunnah through them. They have sacrificed their lives to enrich your souls with the spiritual ingredients they require. If they are all gone, what do you and I have at our disposal that will take care of the future generation? Let’s us purify our intentions and hold unto the prophetic path. Let’s not be scared of their daggers. It’s simply a shortcut to Jannah. Let’s seek knowledge for the sake of Allaah(SWT) and put the good things we learnt into practice. Finally, let’s rely upon Allaah (SWT) and be concious of Him (SWT) wherever we are!

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda


2 thoughts on “They Are Martyrs By Mu’az Zulkarnain Al Jalingowy.

  1. It’s surprisingly clear that the Nigerian government is not doing enough or nothing to protect our eminent personalities. May his soul rest in peace.

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