Jonathan Nda-Isaiah wrote an article. Title: 2015: WHEN ZONING BECOMES AN ISSUE IN TARABA STATE. The article was posted on Leadership news paper website (opinion) On February 14, 2014.


In that article among other things, he mention that; “Taraba is a predominantly Christian State and this was unequivocally proved during the SDP/NRC era, as Jolly Nyame and his deputy, both Christians, ruled the state at the creation of the state” he said. “It was only in 1999 that Nyame decided to run a Christian/muslim ticket.

When I read the article, I just wondered if this guy have ever been to Taraba State Before. Because if he really knows Taraba state as he claim, he won’t have made that beamiodic statement or may be he have been there but he was drunk at the time he was writting this creaxe called “article”

Going by the above speculation, if somebodyfor instance, put it to Mr. Jonathan Nda-Isiah, that Nigeria is a predominantly Muslim nation simply because Late M.K.O Abiola, a muslim, won the 1993 presidential election under SDP with a muslim running mate, Alhaji Baba Gana kingibe, will he agree with that? If he disagreed, then why the double standard? After all, he cannot postulate the former argument and reject the latter one. He must either accept them both or reject them both, because, the two arguments share similar premises so they must share a similar conclusion. And, if he must evaluate the population strength of members of a particular faith in Taraba within the parameter he established above, then he should know that objectivity demands that you must not select facts that suit your hypothesis and ignore other relevant facts that would help you arrive at a right and valid conclusion, otherwise you will end up falling prey to woeful fallacies and blunders.

In addition to his consideration of the fact that Jolly Nyame has ruled Taraba State under a Christian/Christian ticket in 1993, Jonathan must also consider other material facts. Had he considered those facts in his argument, he wouldn’t have arrived at this “inconclusive” conclusion. He should consider the fact that in 2003, the senators who represented the three political zones in the state were all Muslims. Alhaji Abdullahi Bala Adamu, Alhaji A.A Ibrahim jnr. and Alhaji Dalhatu Sangari for the northern, central and the southern political zones respectively; he should also consider the fact that the central senatorial zone of Taraba has never produced a christian senator, while each of the three senatorial zones has produced at least more than one Muslim senator in its political history. He should further consider the fact that the majority of the incumbent senators and members that are currently representing the state at the National Assembly are Muslims – two out of the three senators are Muslims while four out of the six members are Muslims. Had he considered these facts, he wouldn’t have attributed to himself, neither would he have undermined the integrity of leadership newspapers by posting this whimsical argument.

In case he doesn’t know, the christian/christian gubernatorial ticket that he is talking about was single-handedly sponsored by a Muslim politician from the neighbouring Adamawa state and a former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. He could have supported a Muslim/Muslim candidature had he so wished, and a Muslim could have been elected as a governor. I mean, if the three political zones in the state could produce Muslim senators simultaneously, then what’s the big deal in the whole state producing a Muslim governor?

The truth is that religion is alien to Taraba politics. What matters as at the early times of Taraba politics was region rather than religion. And that was why Rev. Jolly Nyame with Mr Samuel Danjuma Gani ruled Taraba under Christian/Christian ticket and no Muslim had ever complained, likewise three Muslims represented the three political zones in the state pari passu and no christian had ever complained. And this is where Jonathan Nda-Isaiah got it wrong: he confused the cause with the effect thereby failing to identify the actual cause, and thereby falling prey to what Dr. Michael Labossiere calls the fallacy of confusing cause and effect.

Certainly the cause of Taraba having the governor and his deputy both Christians was as a result of a consideration of zonal representation rather than religion. Thus, they being members of the same faith was not the cause of their success neither was it because of their religion was the dominant in the state. In fact, it wasn’t and it isn’t.

Evidently, Religion has been hauled into Taraba politics under the watch of Jolly Nyame at the end of his last tenure where the former governor deliberately refused to replace Danladi Baidu (a christian), who won the PDP primaries in 2007, with senator A.A Ibrahim (Muslim), who was the second in the primaries, after the former’s disqualification; and shamelessly proceded to handpick Danbaba Suntai (Christian) who had not even participated in the primaries, and used his power and the state’s resources to impose the latter on Taraba people.

This bad legacy sprouted widely in the Danbaba’s regime. The composition of his commissioners and other political appointments especially in his last tenure are facts that speak for themselves. This is also the prelude of all the political stunts in the state being perpetrated by senator Bwacha & Co. under the guise of the clamour for zoning. This bad precedent invented by Jolly Nyame shall not continue in our beloved state.

Taraba state with its capital at Jalingo was propagated and lobbied by some well known, prominent citizens other than the chauvinistic “clamourers”, and same was so created by the Babangida administration in 1991 for the benefits of all indigenes of that area irrespective of their ethnicity or religion.

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda is a MD of Technotronic Company Nig. Ltd
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The Reasons Valentine Is So Popular, By Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri.

Bashfulness they say is part of faith. It thus follows that one who is shameless is one who suffers the disease of thinking he or she fell from the sky and even that sky was not created on the 14th of February little girls and confused women will dress in red; randy boys and irresponsible men would have secured a “val” who they will play Romeo and Juliet with but as the idiot from Calabar who made the song puts it “all I want is your waist” hence illicit sex is the end game…

There are a number of reasons why Valentine is only second to Christmas in terms of the scale of celebration at least among Christians or perceived Christians;

Ask almost anyone who celebrates Valentine the Origin of Valentine and they cannot tell you; they just follow. The best you can get out of these empty heads are conflicting reports as taught them by one American-wanna-be radio presenter who desperately speaks from her nose. It is the same way you can go around our society and ask the average youth what his first three objectives in life are and I wish you Goodluck finding someone who has a clue. No pun intended
So what really is Valentine’s Day? Let me share this quick quiz:
Valentine is:
=>A priest in the Roman Empire who helped persecuted Christians during the reign of Claudius II, was thrown in jail and later beheaded on Feb. 14.
=>A Catholic bishop of Terni who was beheaded, also during the reign of Claudius II.
=>Someone who secretly married couples when marriage was forbidden, or suffered in Africa, or wrote letters to his jailer’s daughter, and was probably beheaded.
=>All, some, or possibly none of the above
This confusion over its origin led the Catholic Church, in 1969, to drop St. Valentine’s Day from the Roman calendar of official worldwide Catholic feasts. So you find that not only is it that the people who mark Valentine are ignorant of its origin; Valentine itself is a celebration of absolutely NOTHING
What is however clearly in history is what the old World Book Encyclopedia (Valentine’s Day. Volume 19. 1966, pp.205-206) states:
“…the customs of the day have nothing to do with the lives of the saints. They probably come from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which took place every February 15. The festival honored Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, the god of nature…The Romans celebrated their feast of Lupercalia as a lovers’ festival for young people. Young men and women chose partners for the festival by drawing names from a box… After the spread of Christianity, churchmen tried to give Christian meaning to the pagan festival. In 496, Pope Gelasius changed the Lupercalia festival of February 15 to Saint Valentine’s Day February 14. But the sentimental meaning of the old festival has remained to the present time. Historians disagree about the identity of St. Valentine”.

Today not even the Pope can tell you which of the Saint Valentines (there are about 3 of them) is being “honoured” on the 14th of February…IGNORANCE IS VALENTINE AND VALENTINE IS IGNORANCE

Another reason Valentine is so popular is that it plays into the illusion that there is love among a people that actually do not love themselves. In the US half of older women age 75+ live alone whereas their children are scattered around the place celebrating “love” with strange men. By 2030 there will be 9.6million of such persons in America alone and some people are “looking for a val”.

If there was a Day for the Elderly it will not be as popular as Valentine. Matter of fact there is actually a World Health Organisation World Day for the Elderly only we don’t know the date as we know February 14 and its existence is another massive cover up of the fact that the elderly are neglected; in Nigeria they are left to suffer in the villages while in the western world they are dumped in old people’s home the same way they dumped their children in Day Care when women, like men, started pursuing money… fact is we have a society that is upside down and this Valentine nonsense is another delusion to make us think things are ok Movies upon movies your little girl watch the customized prostitutes she calls actresses fall in love and it only follows that she too wants to fall in love. She however forgets in her moments of day dreaming that the persons who act the movie roles themselves have not found love. She forgets that if the looseness depicted in such movies were the way to find love, the actresses themselves would have been loved but that is not the case; it is one boyfriend today, another tomorrow; they just don’t get married and even when they do it is to a man who allows them continue to kiss strange men on camera either because he does not love them or he is just a perverted imbecile… either way the “love” they depict evades them the same way the “lovers” day will be another failed attempt to find love.

The reality on ground is that after hundreds of years of celebrating Valentine 79% of men in the US beat up their wives, a woman is brutalized every 18 seconds and in France where the face veil is banned, 2 million women face beating yearly. Yeah, pun intended on this last one!

I know Christians who will not go to a Catholic Church even if their lives depended on it yet the rumour that there was a catholic Saint by name Valentine who deserved to be celebrated was taken as Gospel because they simply want to fornicate and will do anything to achieve that. If Christians who are not catholic wants to emulate anything from catholism why not Papacy? Why not holy communion? Why not the additional 7 books of the Bible? Why Valentine which the Catholics themselves do not even understand?

The answer to this question is very simple: we have a community of youth who takes fornication as a religious duty and the vagueness of the laws of the church with regards to fornication is not helping matters. Matter of fact we now hear that we are no longer under laws but “rhema” (whatever that means) so that the individual fornicates at will and only have to believe that some donkey years ago someone died for his sins
There are a number of outcomes when a society is sexually perverted: homosexuality, rape, marital discord and Valentine are just a few.

When the National Assembly passed a Bill prohibiting homosexual marriage we felt it was a good thing because we did not really consider the implication which was that it was also a statement that it is up to the people and their representatives to say if they want homosexual marriage or not. The danger is that our answer is no today but with increasing pornography aided by broader bandwidth, lewd songs and “hot movies”, very soon our answer will be yes and democracy is the Government of the people by the people and for the people wherein God has no place, so when the increasingly perverted population says yes to homosexual marriage we will have homosexual marriages.

After that it will be yes to bestiality so that a man will be allowed to have sex with his horse like in some states in America, after that it will be incest so that if a man “loves” his daughter he can marry her too. When that time comes the most painful part will be that the youths of today will tell their children the disgusting lie that “our time was not like this”.

Deaf, Dumb and Blind they cannot see further than their nose! “Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of that the hands of men earned. That He may make them taste a part of that which they have done so that they may return” (Qur’an 30:41)

To those who are celebrating valentine today we say to you; you’re sick or at best ignorant…GET A LIFE.

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda


Revolution is the solution some people claim

But no revolution in the world has ever given the activists the gain

Maybe the next generation, if at all it wont be the same

My hopes loom as I think deep in pain

What in us that is so wrong and who is to blame

Our education is a shame

Our health system is next to a grave with the patient`s name

Welfare is nowhere in the system

Entirely the whole nation in vane

Thoughtfully it can’t be processed by who is sane

Wishful thinking I imagine evolution

But what can evolve from minds full of tribes

Full of bribes and grudges

Faults by our ancestors far back a century is still on everyone`s name

Closer look shows the leaders are not the entire problem

Though it is their responsibilities to which direction we take

But it is the whole nation`s mistake

Some say the solution is to break

But how do we break

When a brother sees his step brother`s success as what puts his own at stake

When countries across oceans from us get more recognition

Than our neighboring domestic state

As worshipers are less concerned of what their religion teaches

But more violently concerned about who brought the messages

When the messages are almost the same (life hereafter decides)

So does revolution really washes the pain?

Or gives what really we hope to gain?

I think it does if what we revolt is our current ways

And not giving others blames

Nigeria let us revolt ourselves.

They Are Martyrs By Mu’az Zulkarnain Al Jalingowy.

In the name of Allaah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.!

Yesterday we received with great sadness and shock the news of the assassination of one of our scholars, in person of Sheikh Muhammad Awwal also known as Sheikh Albani Zaria along with his wife and son. May their soul rest in perfect peace. May Allaah (SWT) grant them jannatul firdaus and accept them as martyrs in His cause!

This is not the first time we, The Ahlus-sunnah Wal Jama’a of Nigeria were afflicted with this kind of catastrophes. It should be recalled that Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was also murdered in cold blood by gunmen whose identities remain till date a puzzle. Those who carried out this horrendous acts are by now probably celebrating their success in eliminating who they deemed a threat to their evil ways. Killing Scholars of Sunnah is not and will never be the death of Sunnah, in the same way killing of muslims is not going to put islam to extinction.

The Question “Who”?

When Mallam Ja’afar was murdered and the news went viral, I was a little bit perplexed. In the radio, magazines (especially Hausa Magazines), news papers and TV channels the news of his death dominated the headlines and to my very surprise I never even heard of him. I kept on asking my inner self who is this man? A prominent scholar? And I don’t know him? he lives in Kano, one the strategic town in northern Nigeria. Then, I only knew the likes of Kalarawi not because of their exegeses of the qur’an but their ability to crack jokes and mock prominent people. Since then I was stricken by a giant impulse to know this saintly man. None of people’s explanations was able to satisfy me. I came to know of his prominence and greatness through his tapes. He was formidably excellent in tafsir due to his vast knowledge of Arabic grammar. In terms of hadith he’s not left behind. Many people came to know him after his death and his death has advertised sunnah teachings beyond one’s imagination. In fact, people listen to him (his tapes) when he’s death far better than when he was alive. They kill his body but his spirit lives on!

The Question “Why”?

After knowing who Sheikh Ja’afar was, I now left with one more important question. It is the question of why did they kill him? Before then I was able to know that he has received several death threats from various sects and politicians. Those embedded in innovations in the matters of deen wanted to eliminate him because he exposes them and they cannot confront him with evidences from the shari’ah. The politicians want to eliminate him because he has gathered a crowd and any decision of his against theirs means the end of their political carrier. Thus, he is a threat that should be dealt with without much-a-do. Either way, his assassination has something to do with his aqeeda (sunnah). As such whenever people ask why he was killed, the part of the answer is because he preaches sunnah. Anti-islam and anti-sunnah forces think that by killing the Scholars of Sunnah, they can demoralised the upcoming hermits of sunnah and at the same time bring it to halt. Nay! Never! Islam will triumph over shirk and pure islam will triumph over false islam! The more people ask, the more they are introduced to the sunnah of Rasool (pbuh).

History Is going To Repeat itself!

Sheikh Albani Zaria has followed Sheikh Ja’afar Adam’s suit. He has become one of the martyrs of islam. As I mentioned earlier on few people including myself were aware of Sheikh Ja’afar before his death. This is not peculiar to him. This morning I came across a group of cleaners in my school remarking on the incidence of Sheikh Albani’s murder. I overheard some of them asking who Sheikh Albani is. Therefore, those who knew him among them could not waste time in interjecting at the same time “babban Malami ne fa!” Meaning; he is a prominent scholar). Just wait and see, in a couple of months Sheikh Albani’s tapes will flood the market and this time around the normal demand law cannot be used the explain the behaviour of the buyers. For everybody will not hesitate to grab a copy irrespective of their financial status. Then, the sunnah will penetrate the people and automatically remove the wool from their eyes. Sheikh Albani is also gone but his spirit lives on!

A Letter To The young Ahli-sunnah

My dear brethren of Sunnah, the followers of true islamic teachings which are free from adulteration and modification. As I write this letter to you, my heart is filled with avalanche of hysteria. Nevertheless, I am able scribble my heart down. I want to urge you to wake up and face the reality. You are the backbones of our dear society. But how can you have a sturdy foundation when the ingredients required for the fortification of your foundation is not on ground?

The blood of your brethren is no better than a blood of a mosquito. It is shed on the daily basis around the globe but no one seems to give a damn about it. All in an effort to intimidate you. No one is safe. Rich and poor. Old and young. Male and female. In spite of this, I urged you to remain firm on the path of the truth. At this point a Hausa proverb came to my mind and reads as follows, “The stomach which harbours the truth cannot be penetrated by knife”. A famous quote credited to Sir Ahmadu Bello says, “The truth is the greatest weapon”. The two statements above are pragmatically true. Even the Devil I believed will not have the gut to deny their plausibility!

The scholars who remind you of your purpose in life were massacred before your eyes. It means the knowledge that you dearly need to be able to distinguish between light and darkness is dwindling and if you didn’t wake up and face the reality, you will not smell even a scintilla of it one day. Do you prefer spending time in the remote places abusing drugs and by so doing letting the evildoers maximise their chances?

You are able to know and comprehend the sunnah through them. They have sacrificed their lives to enrich your souls with the spiritual ingredients they require. If they are all gone, what do you and I have at our disposal that will take care of the future generation? Let’s us purify our intentions and hold unto the prophetic path. Let’s not be scared of their daggers. It’s simply a shortcut to Jannah. Let’s seek knowledge for the sake of Allaah(SWT) and put the good things we learnt into practice. Finally, let’s rely upon Allaah (SWT) and be concious of Him (SWT) wherever we are!

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda