A Threat To Peaceful Co-existence In Taraba State By Mu’az Zulkarnain Al Jalingowy.

Within this week something happened in Taraba State which left many perplexed. A lot of questions has been asked. Few got answers but, there is still an important question that need an answer: are those answers actually correct ? Although I have not come across any view by any professional analyst be it security or political, I can boldly say I have found the reason why the people of Jalingo woke up to the sound of sirens and presence of heavily-armed security forces in all the nooks and crannies of the metropolis.

Ever since the return of the incapacitated Taraba State governor Mr suntai, the Devil has been delivering a series of sermons to the governor’s supporters. It should be remembered that on the day the ailing governor arrived Jalingo, his supporters exhibited their joyful spirit over the development of which we have no problem with. Besides, they have intentionally tested our patience and we have benignly passed the test. That put their intended plan of sparking violence to shame.

Once again, they are into it. As usual, you don’t expect your antagonists to rest or lay down their weapons when you are approaching the zenith of success. In fact, that is when you should be expecting more fierce attacks. There is a plan to ignite protest against the Taraba State acting governor Alhaji Garba Umar and the State assembly. It has been engineered by the cabal of the ailing governor. The reason for the shameless and violence-laden protest was to call for immediate recognition of Mr Suntai as the executive governor of Taraba State by the State assembly. Despite the striking evidences that showed he is incapable of steering the mantle of leadership of our dear state.

You need to see how the ailing governor cannot walk on his own without one or two people supporting him laterally. Those who were opportune to have a generator and a television set might have seen how the helpless governor is fighting so hard to speak but ended up gibbering and stammering. Something that is not associated with him before his air accident. So, having known without an iota of doubt that, the man is not in good health and spirit to lead: why can’t these evil-sermoned zombies allow peace to reign in our state ?

We have the right to also take to the streets and protest, calling for the inauguration of the acting governor because the executive governor we know is incapacitated. But for the sake of peace, we didn’t take that as an option. We have displayed a deep sense of tolerance in spite of the injustice we suffered all for peace to reign. These haters of peace should know that even the nicest people have their limits. And that they cannot fight destiny nor sabotage a divine action.

I learnt from an anonymous source that arrests has been made by the security agents of persons behind the intended protest. See now, they can’t even resist human forces but they are trying to wage war with divine decision. No matter how tall a tree may be it will never stop the sun from shining.

Abdoulrasheed H. Tapheeda


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